World of Warships: Bismarck Feels Pretty Bad

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Bismarck feels pretty bad these days. She gets constantly uptiered and isn’t all that great vs many ships.

0:00 Bismarck Game
15:56 End Screen
18:12 Commander Skills & Upgrades
20:42 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German battleship Bismarck.


  1. Very well played👌. A very interesting ship is the Alsace, not many people plays it, but I think that it is one of the best ones.

  2. Bismark and Tirpitz both are badly in need of buffs since they’ve both been powercrept, not to mention game changes have hugely diminished their power with secondaries etc.

    • @Foxbat2525 Yes and all these ships are quite strong and unavailable for anyone who started playing after they went away or didn’t buy an older account from e-bay. WoW CBs and ranked are an insult to the word competitive mode.

    • @Tremox Seeing more tech tree gunboats than Blacks tbh and they’re more effective. Alaska’s a recent enough removal but the limit is welcome.
      I’ll give you that on Musashi being a bit much

    • ​@Foxbat2525 Could be a bias because of the scarcity of these ships. Data on maplesyrup shows that Black and Benham have similar overall winrates like Smaland and Musashi.

    • @Foxbat2525 true, fletcher mogador mogador trio is enough to hunt any pesky DDs wandering around

    • @thegeneral123 you can always come join us on world of warships legends, much more laid back and a lot less broken s***. 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. 4:10 the reason you got an overpen’s worth of damage is because it hit the gun turret, idk why but that is what happens when you hit a turret.

    • Oh yeah! I forgot about that change. I guess it’s better than before where I would’ve done nod amage at all.

  4. Bismarck and Tirpitz’s primary utility these days is for padding your PR stats.

    (Not that I, personally, would ever stoop so low…)

  5. There is a plaque at WG offices that all employees touch on their way in. It says
    “No matter what remember F*** Up Germany”

    • @Aerroon Doubtful. It probably reads: ‘Don’t fix anything. Just keep changing things so no one notices’.*

      *See Aircraft Carriers

  6. Remember playing the Alsace saw a dd so low so put my secondarys on him, In the end I had to shoot him and the secondarys were not even hitting its just sad.

  7. Why is the Midway doing that?

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

  8. Piotr Mikołajski

    Bismarck OP confirmed, pls nerf.

    More seriously:
    • 2018 – secondaries on Bismarck are melting the enemy, even without manual skill.
    • 2021 – secondaries on Bismarck are waste of ammo.

  9. Why does a pen do over-pen damage . Thats the special sauce that let you know how much WG loves you.

  10. Dont give WeeGee any ideas. A damageable radar array they could farm money or something from.

  11. What an unrealistic example of a Bismarck game, you weren’t even on fire for over half the match

  12. At this point I’m not sure how you guys aren’t just calling this a dead game and moving on to a competitor’s set of games until WeeGee fixes their disaster.

  13. A nerfed secondary on Bismarck makes that ship a piece of shit the only time you do damage was when the secondaries are firing

  14. Now the german ship lines are in the place where WG wanted to be since the beginning of its release, at the bottom of the barrel, like the tanks in WOT, only ones that left to “balance” are their CVs

    • comrade, the place for the invader of the glorious motherland is not even at the bottom of the barrel, it’s beneath the barrel.

  15. Any secondary ship just SUCK right now. It will never be buffed, WG have proven that clearly by now. They will probably be nerfed more, simply because the game is yet not toxic enough.

  16. surprised you even hit the mino tbh, its not to uncommon for all your shots to miss despite aiming midships on a broadside cruiser within 10km because rng balans

  17. The overpen damage on pens mean that you penetrated a main battery gun. Previously, they would only damage the gun, but now they do 10% damage to hull as well.

  18. God how has wg massacred my Bismarck boy like this…

  19. Артём Шепелев

    In one of the relatively recent patches WG made it so when you pen enemy’s turret you do overpenetration damage instead of 0. That’s why you get pens with 10% damage.

  20. The pens doing overpen damage are shots that penetrate gun turrets. These shots used to be zero-damage penetrations but WG changed the way turret HP and penetrations worked a few months ago, so the overpen damage is an improvement.

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