World of Warships – Bismarck From The Depths

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Bismarck is a fantastic ship and the event has only highlighted why you should love the ship. I take the Bismarck out on the Atlantic, moving initially to A point then toward B point. A enemy destroyer tried to catch our CV but I intercepted and destroyed him. I continue to engage targets one by one and fight on my own terms. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Agree, great job from WG on those camo! We want more! At first I though it was only paint like regular camo but the modeling is different with hole and broken item.

  2. Maciej Naumienko

    for the moment I thought you are going to cover “From The Depths” game. Great vid nevertheless

  3. Unintentional Good

    I don’t want to be rude but I’m failing to see why you show this game. Compared to what you usually show on your channel this was a fairly mediocre game and whithout that lucky shot it could have been a fairly bad game?!? I’m feeling that I missed something important in the vid.

  4. Melonic Randomizer

    Yesterday i got a citadel on a Bismarck with the Roon

  5. 87 thousand, not 86.
    I know you can’t round correctly, so I’m here to help.

  6. got it two days ago and surprise its in stock config..i thought the reward bismarck is fully upgraded modules.

  7. And this game confirmed again ..YOU CANT RANGE FIGHT WITH THE SHITMARCK.

  8. I just completed my hunt today! 🙂

  9. Takes Secondary range bonus module instead of Main Gun Dispersion reducing module… complains about dispersion during the match.

    I can’t run a BB without the dispersion reduction. Even the Bismarck. Perhaps you should rethink that, too, Notser?

  10. Amatuer Astronomer

    I put my Jutland Flag on my König.

  11. How do you enable those orange circles in the mini-map?

  12. Brian Kirkpatrick

    My life in the Bis summed up.

  13. zahid fakhruddin

    we’d like to see new intro format (like in the z-52 video) again Notser, more informative and interesting of course IMO

  14. Bad Notzer. That flag thing isn’t funny imo

  15. NOTSER. Thank you.

  16. beachcomber2008

    You’re well again. It’s obvious. 🙂

  17. Gale Wings Jordan

    I got my Bismark yesterday. playing cvs made it easier to get most of the missions done.

  18. Bismarck is such a good ship when played right. NC and Amagi are too, but i’ll be damned if the Bismarck isnt the most fun to play.

  19. Notser loves his camo so much, he decided to share some with the friendly CV. Now that’s selfless game play! Love the vids. Keep up the strong work.

  20. Got her last week and she’s lovely. I’ll try to work on a full secondary build using yours as reference.

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