World of Warships – Bismarck in a FULL BRAWL match

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So me and Trenlass decided to take our Bismarcks and MM blessed us with full brawl match. There were so many german brawlers in this game and it was fantastic. I just regret not having these kind of games more often.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Those are the Bismarck/Tirpitz games we live for ^^ nice one

  2. Immediately going for the Pensa trolling xD

  3. Top tier in a Bismarck? What is this dark magic?

  4. Finally a vid with a German ship, thx

  5. woot an actual battleship replay…. so good to get to see battleships do what they were ment to do

  6. I love brawling in the Bismarck too, great video Flambass.

  7. Hackz you are top tier in a T8, Bismarck especially

  8. Bismarck and Tirpitz brawl is the most fun at all. Unfortunately it is rarely seen in nowadays HE and torp spam meta.

  9. But then there is these T10 Games where both teams go snipe each other max range and if you are the only one pushing you just die…
    So satisfying to see the Bismarck work as intended.

  10. The bravest little Pensa, bless.

  11. Ok, so Monkey is what we call a Camone in Portugal

  12. you would have more brawls in your Bismark if you played it more 😉 GG

  13. Oooh monkey is from Portugal, just like Rita!

  14. Fun battle!, nice to see brawling again, sick of sniping bb`s 🙂

  15. how are you able to survive 10 minutes in the bismarck without getting HE spammed to death?
    BTW flambass did you replace the secondary module to something else?

  16. how can it take him that long to work out 5% of 30 knots? i mean 10% is 3knots then half it for 1.5knots. it’s not hard.

  17. bb speedflag = 1 – 4 knots depending on what bb u sail 😛

  18. Poor Pensacola. That ship got shit on so hard when it was downtiered. Glacial turret traverse with the same crap 15 second reload makes that ship hell to play…

    • Silverfang The Steelwolf

      You should have seen it pre-buff at T7 back when it was new. That ship is probably responsible for a lot of players quitting the game

    • @Silverfang The Steelwolf I’m a CBT player. I had him at tier 7 as well and it was just as fucking bad. Moving him to tier 6 fixed none of the problems it faced and nerfed the turret traverse on top of it. All Pensacola has is it’s guns and the overall DPM for the ship is awful because as soon as it’s spotted it gets focused because it’s such an easy kill. The ROF needs a buff.

  19. The MadTacoEatingFool

    Can you do a triple or Yamato Division?

  20. still playing T8? Not frustrated enough by CW at T8 ? xD

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