World of Warships – Bismarck Ranked Excitement

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Sharing a Replay in the on Hotspot, game is pretty interesting and is very close at the end. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Bismarck Replay


  1. Some weird choices by our intrepid hero in this one.

  2. It’s just me or the German BBs are weaker now, If we compared when they come out back in days

    • Well, people tend to think something is OP when they just come out, because they never see them before. Once enough time is given, people will no longer think it’s OP anymore, since they know how to deal with them. 😉

    • They are. Their damage potential has taken a noticeable hit when they nerfed the fire chance on the 105mm secondaries.

      I’ve also never understood the reasoning behind the decision to give them a sigma of 1.8 with only 8 guns, apart from a forced justification to make them close ranged brawlers. That’s why their secondaries are so good too. Only issue is that the high tier meta is wholly skewed towards long range play, which hurts German BBs more than it does others, especially with their poor deck armour.

      Tier 8 and tier 9 German BBs have the least amount of guns as well as the worst accuracy in their tiers. This is especially noticeable with the Bismarck/Tirpitz, because on top of getting the least accurate and least amount of guns, they also get the smallest guns. I can’t help but feel that their sigma should be increased to 1.9, even if this comes to the detriment of the secondaries. 0.1 difference in sigma may seem like a very small difference, but unlike what Notser says (in his Roma sigma video) it is *definitely* noticeable.

      1.8 sigma is good enough for ships with 12 guns like the Montana and the GK, but virtually axe-murder-rampage inducing with only 8 guns.

    • I think it has a lot to do with people were using to only aiming at the waterline. In ranked in my NC, I get 20k+ non-cit volleys against Tirps and Bis’s by aiming just below the deck…

    • JoeyDee
      Exactly. If u know you can’t citadel, aim for the casemate. 4k pens add up if enough shells hit. Casemate shots tend to have fewer shells dunk into the water.
      6 pens is still 24k dmg with 410mm guns.

    • Remember that WG decided to cave into “learning not to sail broadside in a BB is far too difficult” so they lowered the hell out of a lot of non-German BB citadels. Germans can eat a ton from pens but can’t do as much in return, and those enemies are now MUCH harder to citadel.
      And let’s not talk about the RN BBs at all, lol.

  3. The Chappy did his best to lose it. Why did they not run NNE once the points had ticked in their favour? – the obvious choice surely?

    • Had the Atago taken the fastest possible route to A he could have gotten in to the cap and stopped the points before they swung in their favour. Chappy had no other choice than to get eyes on A.

  4. Notser, we missed you!

  5. Nothing spectacular, just another stupid bb player that loves to push and die in the first 5 minutes.

    • Nothing espetacular, everybody camping.

    • With all due respect, nothing wrong with doing what the ship is intended to do (Tanking and secondary action), so long as the rest of the team follows. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t allow that play style anymore. I to am a German BB specialist and prefer to do, what he did

    • Yes, the worst is when this campers go and say that we, playing with our ships strength, and dying(to a british bb he spam), are stupid, face palm with chave portuguesa(hammer).

    • The issue with the biz and tirpitz Is that it takes too much damage per hit to really be effective with their secondaries, which makes them not very useful in ranked game play

    • Not to mention that being able to control the map and set up crossfire opportunities with other bbs is what you try to do with the bbs in ranked, that and tank damage for your team, so the longer your alive and getting shot at the more the rest of your team and you can do to win the game, not to mention that points are very valuable on ranked so having a bb suicide is limiting your damage potential and also taking away some of your teams ability to tank

  6. A fun game to watch! 10:43 the NC sinks the Kidd., which I think was an important point. … But really, a lot of mistakes and poor plays on both sides of this match.

  7. Alessandro Filippi

    The only youtuber / streamer who somehow came to the conclusion that bringing up the gamma to the point that black is light grey is actually good production value. Makes no fucking sense.

    • Son. What you’re doing there, is called whining. Are you some kind of male bitch?

    • I haven’t touched anything with my gamma settings

    • Alessandro Filippi

      Is not uncommon. The capture card has to compress the video output of the graphics card, and especially in very dark games streamers pump the brightness or the gamma to compensate for the dynamic range compression. You can clearly see side by side your video with other people’s footage or the game itself. and see that in your streams and your Youtube vods your black level is much higher that the original (black should be black – as in #000000 – instead of some shade of grey). Maybe is your capture card settings, can have to do with dynamic range compression of the image, gamma or contrast settings. Can be in the settings of the video card (nvidia control panel) as well. Or maybe is just the card that is awful. Am I crazy? Am I the only one that notices this?

  8. With german ships, if you don’t find a “early” brawl or do that “legendary”(nah, its a joke, even bayern can citadel NC,if it hit the shotgun shells) citadel on an angled NC, you will nothing till late game, ’cause your dispersion is horrible compared to the amount of guns, and your secondaries are plain bad against camper bbs firing at 20km+.

  9. Just a shame that ranked is being dominated by Bismarcks and Tirptz ( yea im guilty of playing as well )seeing 3 on each side in every game its just getting old , either that or its Alabama’s sitting and sniping

  10. Good stuff. Liked it

  11. Don’t know how the fk you miss a ram like that. All he needed to do was steer AHEAD and the NC would’ve hit him, which would achieve the same thing. If the NC started trying to turn inside, just cut power and turn into him.
    Besides which, blundering into the open a second time was just stupid. Seems to me he’d have been far better served going around the island to meed NC head on and thus NOT gone into open to take all that damage. And when he did, just looked like another BB player who thinks “they can’t hit mah citadel” = OK to sail full broadside on to half the enemy.
    Poor steering, poor map awareness/terrain use. Seemed pretty dopey all round.
    I suppose I’ve been spoiled by watching better players.

  12. does anyone see the other ships skipping like a CD?

  13. Man I wish I could have sent you my Edinburgh Ranked clutch win. I got a Solo Warrior medal. When I realized I was the only on my team left I was discouraged at first, but then the enemy started feeding themselves to me. Then it was down to a British BB ( I forget the name) @ 60% HP and me @ 15% HP. I was very lucky and got 2 stray torpedoes on him, which brought him down to a sliver. 40 sec left, I’m coming around an Island, It’s do or die. I’m detected by aircraft. I can’t see him but I have decent idea of where he is. His ship materializes before me my guns already lined up…What’s this!? His guns are completely out of alignment. His secondaries light up, I pull the trigger…and BOOM! solid hit in the super structure. Down he goes….Now I must change my trousers.

    • A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, but in your situation, it is worth a thousand stains. Even your explanation was worth reading..

  14. Was a poorly played round. This dude isn’t running superintendent which means he left health on the table. I am not impressed.

    • Jochen Heiden he’s also playing a bizmark when an NC or amagi is much more tanky accurate and has better damage per pen, all of which makes the biz obsolete when a bow in NC is doing 15 k per salvo to your superstructure and that biz can maybe to 2-4 k back

    • if the shitmarck even hits anything that is not 5 km away and full broadside.

    • And remember, it’s stated he had a 19 point captain so there was no reason not to have superintendent. You can (sometimes) turnaround a game with that extra heal.

      However, I don’t blame Wall of Steel for choosing the Bismarck for ranked because we have no way of knowing if he has ground down the U.S. or Japanese line. He might not have an NC or Amagi. Also, I give him credit for sending in a less than stellar game. Most of us would have chosen to send in a game where we did 200 k damage or got a kraken or some other major achievements. Also, the truth (from my perspective) is a high percentage of ranked games seem to come down to which team has more screw ups.

    • Jochen Heiden well in the higher ranks those mistakes become less, and they can come down to having bizmark instead of NC or amagi

    • I’m not dissing using the NC or the Amagi. I understand you want to give yourself the best chance to win that you can, but the truth is most people won’t get to number 1, even if all they play is the NC or Amagi, but can become more experienced and competent players by playing ranked games, if they choose to learn from their mistakes. That’s good for the game as well as for the individual player.

  15. Well played! WallofSteel

  16. That match was nothing more than a blind squirrel getting that random nut.

  17. kein ding yo

    well that was fun to watch ^^

    notser: seems like the monarch is stuck
    me: dude, the monarch has a seizure or something, wtf, call for help

  18. Terrible play, nothing worth watching. I am here just listen to Notser’s sexy voice.

  19. Most german BB’s I see in rankeds sit back and snipe, I am not very happy atm if I see german BB’s in my team.

  20. Notser, I really love the content you are creating. But why in h*ll did you feature this replay? There is absolutely nothing special about this! Wtf?

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