World of Warships – Bismarck Review – Secondaries of Doom

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The , a tough with . Let this get into secondaries and you better be prepared for it to rain fire and doom onto your ship. Its turtleback armour will protect it from citadel hits even at close range. Enjoy this and have fun with those secondaries.


  1. Karulean TestAccount

    first? Also, the secondary gun are extremely trolly in rank. It like
    captaining into a flamethrower.

  2. i shall now take my life with the little honor i have left

  3. Good thing about the Bismarck is they burn well, and catch on fire pretty

  4. I’ve learned the hard way as a DD, you nope out of there hard when you see
    a Bismarck since they are almost always built for secondaries.

  5. I still don’t get it, why the secondaries only shoot if you mark an enemy
    target (manually secondary skill). It would be nice to see, also for the
    effects. If all secondaries would fire, but the disperson (-60%) works only
    on marked target. This would be perfect :). Let’s hope they will introduce
    this. I mean the NC with manually AA skill is also shooting although the
    enemy is not marked.

  6. OMFG Senpai noticed us

  7. where did you get than skin?

  8. Every theory, every stat, every number is great, until you meet RNG.

  9. Go for steering gears mod 2 otherwise it’s a brick unable to swing back
    guns into action and straighten oit before enemy retaliates. 

  10. Maybe this is in a different video, but… I get the huge belt armor, the
    citadel armor, the major armor on the turrets…. what is that piece of
    massive armor on the cylinder just behind the front turrets?

  11. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Rofl not bad … I would give my right hand for 5 rounds like this ;)

  12. Well, great video Chase. And sorry for not believing you in our group, it
    is not usual a God comes down to peasants

  13. Brian Lock (神通)

    Higher tier destroyer with longer range torpedo………… HaHaHa

  14. I’m really quite nervous about the RN BB line…. Wargaming still seems to
    want to determine alpha damage by gun calibre, which is slightly concerning
    for some ships. It seems that the RN liked large bursting charges on their
    shells, which they sacrificed potential penetration for. For example the 14
    inch shells for the KGV’s had a bursting charge of 22kg, compared to 11kg
    of the New mexico’s shells, and 18kg of the Bismarcks 15inch shells *and*
    the Iowa’s 16 inchers. If Wargaming tries to give RN BB’s historically
    accurate penetration, but dictates their alpha purely by calibre; they’re
    going to be potentially bad guns…. It would be quite logical of them to
    determine alpha by bursting charge if they’re going to use accurate
    penetration stats

  15. You know what I would like, bismarck with atago guns, imagine that:
    battleship hull with cruiser guns, it would be so op :D

  16. Am I the only player who took secondary mod 2 for secondary build? I do
    find the 15% extra dispersion reduction makes a pretty significant
    difference, especially when your secondaries are targeting DDs at near max

    +iChaseGaming I agree that NC have better forward firepower and AA in
    ranked, but Bismarck can sit in smoke with hydro and her secondaries are a
    deterrence to DDs trying to push a point. I prefer to be in a team with all
    BBs being Bismarcks than all NCs, from a team support standpoint Bismarck
    is better.

  17. I’m my Montana, Bismarck can come as close as he wants – no scare factor
    like the Tirpitz. *I want one still :)

  18. I hate the germans, turn anything t7 and up and not even Yam can deal with

  19. how does he have a 2,155 day premium account?!

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