World of Warships – Black Adjusted

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will be receiving some adjustments to the radar system in 0.6.2, I doubt the solution will be enough to make it balanced. I show off a game where there are plenty of scenarios where the skill would still be effective. I would prefer to make the player decide between radar and smoke, we don’t need more Belfast scenarios in the game. Hope you enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Black Replay


  1. I totally agree with you on this one.

  2. No more Belfast 2.0 version of DD. Pls no Wargay!! Don’t!!

  3. that gearing actually left the battle before he died. he knew the end was inevitable

  4. an interesting change is to make the radar last for a very short period of time, lets say a blink. say 2 seconds. so it is purely for gathering information on where the enemy team around you is RIGHT NOW ONLY. not for shooting / taking down DDs in smoke.
    good players could benefit from an information like this. bad players most likely couldn’t.

    lets say…. 2 sec duration radar, 1m cooldown, infinite usage (?)

    idk but that could be a better idea, at least better than it currently is.

  5. If the torpedoes lowest speed is 33 knots and the USS Black has a max speed of 36 knots can you hit yourself with those torpedoes?

  6. Christopher Matarazzo

    notser, if they added a new type of support aircraft to carriers would people start playing them more? like say planes, that drop a sea mine or a health package, its sounds unrealistic but would it work?

  7. Tell me if this sounds crazy but what if high tier American battleships had Radar. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. Currently they are under preforming like the Montana and they have huge turning circles. So giving them radar could give them an advantage against destroyers and cruisers with smoke. So they could take down British cruisers and spot destroyers and they’re torpedoes so you can avoid them.

  8. The Belfast being so good is just a selling point as it doesn’t really have another downside. They should make a skill to lower your radar detectability. They have paint a special angling on ships to do it today. Maybe you should be shown on the map to people with radio positional finding. Give it a use for good players.

  9. I think russian BBs will get Radar+Smoke ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. I agree …. somewhat. I believe radar in general is broken. As a former USN electronics tech that specialized on both surface-search and air-search radars it drives me nuts to see radar going through mountains. The radars I worked on were one generation removed from WW2. I even repaired a radar on a Fletcher we sold to the ROK Navy. (yeah, I’m old) In exercises we would purposely hide behind islands or even larger ships to fool radar. ( served on Fast Frigates/Destroyer Escorts) During GQ I operated Electronic Warfare systems and can also state that using radar increases your own detection range.

    Rather than focus on the Black, I believe the game would be improved if radar could not see through anything and that ships using radar have their own detection range go up while using it. Sonar too. Beyond historical accuracy, it’s the laws of physics. Even better, make the info from radar/sonar a “signal return” providing range, bearing, closing speed, and an idea of it’s size. That may be asking too much but in fairness players need some kind of counter. Playing high tier DD’s since 6.0 is borderline suicidal unless you AVOID the objectives. Perhaps radar just isn’t workable in this game … like subs.

    Thank you as always for a great video, the clearly stated and thoughtful opinion, and for asking the tough questions.
    You set the “community contributor” benchmark high imho.


  11. I have played several matches in Ranked without a radar equipped ship in the battle so deal with it. This is going to occur in WoW s so just deal with it and stop crying.

  12. GG wg just give the most powerful ship in the game to the best Players in the game 😀 GG WP WZ WIN

  13. I think making it a yo lang v2 at TIX would be better 😛

  14. i’m really not bothered !!! i mean there are maybe a couple hundred people that will have it maybe even less it’s 5 ranked consecutive seasons . and complaining about it won’t help really they don’t listen to super testers or eu forums . if you really want it changed call yourself sergi and go on ru forums, say you play only bbs and cry a little!!! but not too much or they will nerf all dds .

  15. yay wot kemp bush , wows kemp smoke … time to (re)play harvest moon psx or stardew valley

  16. I’ve stopped playing this ranked season solely because of what the Belfast and smoke meta brings to it. It’s simply not fun.

  17. Dont need to watch the video. it still has radar. fuck off WG. Hydro? fine, radar? no, get fucked.

  18. They earned it. That’s for sure

  19. So they nerft the hydro of the Bismarck cos’ “too op buu buu” but they give a DD radar…. wtf WG!!

  20. next feature BB will get Def. Fire

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