World of Warships Black Friday 2019

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World of Warships Black Friday 2019 is here at last! And briefly, the awesome 2018 ships were available as well. But they aren’t any longer. What happened?


  1. first? is that what i’m suppose to do?

  2. I’ve found the ship drop rates went down from last year but at least they let us use gold this year. I don’t recall if 2018 if we could use gold or not. I spent 42 dollars and got nothing. Used a bunch of gold and got all 4… Debatable if it was worth it but i love the way they look.

  3. Last year I picked up Tirpitz B, Mass B, and Atago B. Already had Asashio. This year…………I’ve had all four of these. For a long time. Can’t justify buying the same ship again.

  4. So eager to spending money huh =w=’a

  5. I’m looking at the premium store right now as I type this, and all eight ships are there.

  6. I dont have the doubloons to buy containers, but open one, only one, and what i get? alaska b + 10p com + gold fever on alaska mission

    This is my day

  7. Don’t forget, you also get missions for extra gold and free xp missions if you have duplicates or base model.

  8. Bought two for 250 doubloons each, in addition to the one I randomly had, I got 20 Lurker camos, 24 hours of premium, and 2 Type 59 camos.

  9. All the ships are available for purchase in bundles or separate as of this morning (Black Friday)

  10. The only reasons i am afraid to buy the containers is the possibility of getting the Graf Zeppelin :))))))))))

  11. way WG fuckt it up againe, as always!

  12. WG have a nice idea to make a waterline silver to help aiming the citadel on those ships.

  13. the 2018 crate gave you full dubloon refund on top of the B ship if you already had the non-B ship… WG botched the code and now they can’t fix it in time before the end of the offer… you can still buy the 2018 B ships though.

  14. Do I really want/need a custom camouflage version of a ship I already have? NOPE!
    Do I need that 1/2 price PREMIUM time? Helllz yeah!
    Honestly, it seems that each year the Black Friday specials get, well, as power-crept as the Khabarovsk.

  15. Not a big fan of the chrome… still gunna pick up the Scharn B.

  16. They should just sell them as skins….

  17. I am incredibly lucky, bought on a whim 3 crates and got zeppy and scharnhorst for a price of maybe 3k gold

  18. *whips out wallet* I’m coming sharnhorst B!!!

  19. I purchased the Atago B a few minutes ago.

  20. It seams the drop rate for ships are less this year. Last year’s ships were of a better selection in my opinion.

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