World of Warships Black Friday 2020 and ARP Yamato

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World of Warships has announced its lineup for Black Friday 2020 and I think most players are going to be pleased. Also, we have three new ships coming to the ARP lineup including the Yamato.


  1. Zoup, from the way I read the blog post, ARP Yamato is the ship, Arpeggio Musashi is a perm camo for the ship.

    Edit: my words are not making sense. ARP Yamato is an actual ship, Arpeggio Musashi is a permanent camouflage for Musashi.

    • Incorrect. Look closely at the secondaries on the side of ARP Yamato and Arpeggio Musashi. The layout is substantially different between the two, which means that ARP Musashi is on the Musashi model instead of the Yamato model.

    • @Markius Fox Wat? I’m saying that ARP Yamato is an actual ship. That Musashi he showed was a permanent camouflage named Arpeggio Musashi. There is no ARP Musashi.

    • Is the Yamato going to be obtained through a mission or are we going to have to buy it?

  2. I don’t really pay attention to anything he said, I just stayed listening to the little soup commenting on the thunderer’s game xd, the best of the video hahahahaa

  3. Hey Zoup! Benjamin! Thanks for the heads up on the ARP and the Black Friday ship line up. Can’t say I’m excited for any of them, but I’ll be glad to have some knowledge of it when the topic comes up in the Clan chat.

  4. I want Iona camo when subs come out

  5. WeeGee missed a huge opportunity with not doing a Kidd Black. That ship should also come with a jolly roger of some sort also, because Kidd

  6. Was kind of hoping for a black USS Black 🙁

  7. I need that JBB! Take my money!!

  8. I would have prefered to see the kidd as a b. Or perhaps one of the Z dds.

  9. Tickling your fancy is what I think you were trying for there, and apparently even Benny Bunny understood how bad that was. LOL

    ARP, sure. Not entirely feeling it with the black friday ships though I might go with one of the other black ships.

  10. love ARP wish maya was 1943 refit tho seeming as you can take arp camos off i mean more AA for on less turret would be lovely

  11. Ohh this is a special video !!! . I liked hearing your twins, while you performing. <3

  12. *glances at the 11 volumes of the Arpeggio manga on his bookshelf *

  13. Gustavo Bueno Vittorino

    My Alaska B is so badass with this camo. All Brack Friday camos are beautiful.

  14. I’m hesitant to say whether the ARP Yam and Musashi are a good thing until we see what kind of grind Wargaming wants us to do for them.

    Only really onboard with the Atlanta and Kaga Black ships.

    • The grind for ARP Yamato will probably be really stupid considering its a tier 10 premium. Musashi is just a camo, really wish it was the other way around.

  15. You’ll see the evolution of children as they grow.. Five is too young for wows; I just added my 14 year old into my clan.. He’s getting the hang of it.. I am look ing fwd to JB and Black Friday.

  16. The baby fever is very contagious.

  17. just for the giggles they should do the X Black B

    my son started playing coop at 4 and half with daddy’s help, he loves it and is six now

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    Having a kid really changes your perspectives in a lot of ways!!!

  19. For one hot second I thought you were going to say Enterprise B.

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