World of Warships Black Friday Crates and Ships – Are they Worth It?

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Today we are looking at the much anticipated of Warships Friday crates, available until December 7th. I’m going to open 15, show you what I got, and let you know if I think they are worth it. For the most part, I think they are, and you can get some really ships and camouflage.


  1. im sad i cant run this game. im at t7 but its imposible to play this at a normal frame rate xD

  2. Pff, with current matchmaking I am not desiring tier 8 ships no matter how cool they are.

    • +jonesyrules15 is it? That would be ruddy amazing! The way it is now I find unacceptable. Sure as t8 you might have to fight t10 but right now you have 1-4 t8 per team, only 1 T9 for some false justification and then more than half of each team is t10… Should be some rule that if t8 is matched against t10 then there’s only like 3 t10s max..

    • +Robbie Rijkers it’s in the most recent patch notes.

    • While i do agree, i rly gotta say my atago also kills quite ezly

    • Yeah tier 8 is better, tier 7 now sucks worse.

    • +jonesyrules15 I had high hopes when I saw that in the patch notes but after patch all I saw T10 in my mogami. More than the last patch. Hence, they change was obviously bs.

  3. You could factor that because if you already have it (the B spec ship) you would have gotten 8500 doubloons…So you got 0 ships

  4. I request wargaming please consider something about those who don’t have money to buy.

    • +bladeclanhalo3 I mean something premium like ships or containers

    • +azeem rehman you have a chance to get ships out of the 4 container you get from mission

    • azeem rehman I feel ya the coal grind is so stupid to get the Mushasi or whatever is in the arsenal

    • I’d prefer WG give us the opportunity to buy the perm Black Camo by itself for either of these 4 ships. That black on my Massachusetts would be sweet, but don’t need 8950 doubloons.

    • coal grinds are VERY limited as u cant do much except the daily missions and containers…thats the maxed limit, unlike fxp grinding, but they r throwing it all away so fxp is useless now.
      they do give out premiums sometimes…but its rare so dont expect much

  5. I can’t believe they charge 5 bucks for 10 camos

  6. i got tirpitz and asashio, 2500 doubloons and a massa…which i already had. so 2 t8 ships and 2500 doubloon for £20 aint bad. that was the 6 crate option

  7. I did get the 6 pack of crates, might be just luck but I pulled two of the B ships (Atago & Tirpitz), as well as 35k free exp and 14 days of premium time. Not sure what other player’s results will be, so just be careful tossing $$ into this. 🙂

  8. Personally, I’m ok with buying premium ships, premium account time and dabloons. But I am not a fan of random lootbox type monetisation that has been added to this game or any game for that matter. The former is more of a choice, the latter is more like gambling IMO.

  9. No thanks , ill stick with my black dunkek and go for christmas crates

  10. black (tanks) ships. what a waste of money

  11. this is why your vid is not very informative…should have opened before u got the ships NOT after. not many are looking for the regular stuff.
    you dont show any of that critical info…which is very important

    • File under unintended clickbait (giving Zoup the benefit of the doubt). How can you determine if the crates are worth it if you aren’t getting ships?! I don’t understand why Zoup titled the video as he did or why he posted this video. Most people only care about the ship chance and Zoup can’t tell us what they’re “worth” if ships arent involved! Jeez man, wth?

  12. why has the EU not forbidden this

    • the game is free to play. Totally different than the Star Wars Battlefront crap going on, where you already paid $60.00 for a game.

  13. 24 boxes = 1 black ship ;(

  14. I got the Tirpitz B in the very first mission-earned crate lol; that might be the luckiest moment in my 1.5-year experience with this game. Sadly, I already have the Tirpitz and due to current T8 MM catastrophe I seldom play T8 ships anymore.

  15. I would say the odds of getting even one ship in the crates is slim at best. The crates are nothing more than a play on a slot machine that happens in 2 phases. First you pay your money in the premium shop and the reels start spinning and then when you log in the game and open them, you get to see what the reels stopped on but the RNG decided what they would stop on the instant you pressed the button.

  16. This video is kinda crap.. how does this help us plebs who aren’t YouTube creators that get free crap? It doesn’t, because you already had the ships either gotten in the past or from wg them selves this black Friday so this is a fairly useless video as it tells us very little about the odds of getting a ship from their over priced crates. Sorry if this seems nasty but kinda not helpful un the slightest.

  17. 12 crates no ships.

    • He didn’t receive any ships because he already has the ships, as he explained ad nauseam. Some people don’t listen too good.

    • stflaw that wasn’t a question it was a statement. Guess I write the full statement. I got twelve 12 crates and I didn’t get any ships.

  18. Got 6 Containers of Crap
    1. 35k Free Exp
    2. 35K Free Exp
    3. 20 Cammo
    4. 14 Days Premium
    5, 35K Free Exp
    6. 35k Free Exp

    I already had 900 K of free exp and every Free Exp Ship in the game.

    • Eric Hosmer a clanmember got all ships and some double.

    • Gambling almost never pays off…

    • +Richard van Tricht Well it was a big Waste of money(I would say something work but keeping it clean) for me and left me unhappy with my purchase, so do you think WG is getting any money from a un-happers that paid $30 for 14 14 Days Premium and 20 camo. Nope, I have spent nothing for past 6 months since I purchased 1 year of Premium time. Will be a very Cold day before I give them more money.

    • +Eric Hosmer i have bought some premium ships and premium sub.. But i will not go for lootboxes. Yesterday only bought alabama.. Great ship

  19. The only one of these four ships I’m interested in is the Massachusetts. I’ve already got the Tirpitz and don’t care about the other two so there is no point for me to buy random containers.

    Plus, $5 a container is rather pricey. I’m sure there will some lucky players who buy a bundle of these containers and get all four of these ships, plus a few months of premium time and a couple thousand doubloons, but I’m also certain there will be a number of players who just gets loads of camo, two weeks of premium time and a few hundred doubloons. No thanks.

  20. Don’t buy into BS comments about people pulling multiple ships out of six crates.

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