World of Warships Black Friday Crates (x15)

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  1. @Jive if you think these are good, hoard your $$ and wait until the Christmas crates arrive. I bought 80 crates last year, loaded up on camo, free xp, and tons of premium ships

  2. These are just bad. What a waste of money.

  3. Glad to you haven’t been eaten

  4. not one premum ship? lol

  5. I’m just not able to play enough to grind past T7 or complete any of the campaigns or contests, and I’m not able to spend money on premium anything, so by February ‘18 I reached a point where almost everybody had premium ships or gear, 10pt captains etc.

    Every battle, either I was sunk within 4 minutes, or spent the entire duration sailing around trying to find a way to contribute anything.

  6. Correct to say ” afroamerican crates”.

  7. I thought black friday was a Robinson Grusoe reference

  8. why do you have a USS Iowa hat on? You don’t even look like you have hair on your nutz

  9. I bought one, for lols.

    10 camos, with the same stats I have on a load of others.

    Definitely meh.

  10. Lemons taste like oranges. Apparently.

    Nice hat O>

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