World of Warships: Black Friday Ships

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Black Friday ships all to see. I think ships look magnificent. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

These are not available in game normally.

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  1. Please let me know what you think of this video. Should I perhaps make more of these types in the future, where I’m not really talking too much, but just showing something that looks cool.

  2. If we had night battles, this “black” ships are going to very hard to see.

  3. I just won the Atago B & 10 point capt from a free Black friday crate ??
    …your right, great looking ships

  4. I won an Asashio B the other day from my first black Friday crate.

  5. The Tirpitz B is really good looking ?

  6. Goddam the MA looks so awesome I bought her at first sight. And shit, I really want the Black.

  7. I’m looking to get the Massachusetts, that’s a real good price for her too.

  8. Also don’t forget if you already own one of these ships and then get the Black version you’ll get a mission allowing you to earn up to 2500 doubloons!

  9. When I got the Massachusetts, I thought WG would give her the nice blue camouflage like the Alabama and Missouri. Although I knew the camouflage wouldn’t be the same, I personally dislike the camouflage but still bought her since she looked fun to play (and she is). Now I feel like a sucker because I dumped $40 on the Black Massachusetts because of its nice camouflage and my dissatisfaction of the original. On the bright side, WG was somewhat charitable to give us the Gold Rush mission for us suckers who pulled the trigger on it and I guess at least (joking manner) can play my other Massachusetts when the current one is sunk and the battle is still on going.

  10. Wish WG would allow ships to be assigned to a specific port. When you pick a ship, it loads into its specific port.

  11. the red crosses on the bow and stern of the Tirpitz looks absolutely amazing. Tirpitz, the black knight

  12. i am USS Montana player, black camo does not help the computer-ed concealment.

  13. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    *Yo! I heard you like black! So I made the Black black!*

  14. The red iron cross on Tirpitz looks really cool

  15. they look good but its a bit of a swindle if you ask me. Lot of money for nothing more than a camo. Plus there is a black camo anyway…………..

  16. I buyd 12 black crate for 50 bucks got alls 4 lmao

  17. Haha, you got me there with the “black Black”!

    I got the Massachsetts B from a crate and it looks awful. The ship itself is great fun and i play it with the one-off camos.

  18. Why not offer them as a skin for the regular ships ? Appart from WG not willing to let you get doubloons should you randomly get an already owned one from a container…

  19. Christopher Jonasson

    Dont like the outrageous “custom” cammos/skins much but i gotta say that black and chrome look is nice.

  20. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Mmmm so this camo is that good for night operation right?

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