World of Warships: Blindfire

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Some time ago I was able to pull off this amazing blindfire on stream. Hope you enjoy it if you haven’t seen it!

World of footage of the battleship Grosser Kurfürst.
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  2. I hope I haven’t posted this one before.

    • Nice shoot, but now would be nice, what were your thoughts, how did you predicted that dds move?
      I’ve learned playing wows thanks to your videos so you are still my senpai 😀

    • @TurinekSS I looked at the last known position of the DD, then at the minimap and realized that he was heading towards the edge of the cap. If I were him I’d turn right and then I just estimated how far he’d get in the turn and fired. I got lucky and hit!

    • @Aerroon Yeah now I’ve seen it too. He really did start turning right. Nice that you catched it. Really good job, and thx for explaining.

  3. nice.

  4. Faster than the speed of light

  5. *in background* everyone: wtf did u juz do me man

  6. Hector Gonzalez 3D

    And? What’s the point of this

  7. I did something like that to a Harugumo and i got reported by him because he thought i was using a kind of hack

    • Few years ago I shot one guy who was almost hug bordering (well, back in the day that was possible), from BB at like 15km (I think I was griding New Mexico), i got report with some hate xD

  8. stefanos perivolaris

    Well seems legit u shoot where the target should be not where the citadel lies

  9. WTH Aeroon? Are you high on crack now a days or something? You got a lucky shot ONE hit, and it is note worthy enough to post it? Come on. Enough of this nonsense.

  10. If that had been my Kurfurst, it probably would have missed every shell even if the DD had been spotted and my aim had been perfect. Can we trade?

  11. Nice shootin Tex! 🙂

  12. Bad dispersion has its upsides after all.

  13. Hate to be that DD

  14. Thats okay… at least you didn’t blind a t10 bb cross map cit dunk over an island

  15. This is for me and all the people who have monstrously bad aim

    GK is my sniper xD

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