World of Warships Blitz: Blitz Royale Sneak Peek

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Hello Everyone I’m RaPltoR Blitz one of your Community Contributor for the game. I’m on the NA server my IGN is Press_RaPltoR so if you want go add me. I do review video’s, Update video’s, News videos, and Leak video’s.
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RaPltoR Blitz Community

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  1. woah, looks like it’s going to be really chaotic

  2. When royal going happen in April

  3. Hey, GG earlier lol

  4. Ricky Breckenridge

    This is gonna be fun.

  5. I don’t know when we can expect getting the Blitz Royale mode. My guess would have to be maybe next week or the week after that.

  6. Do you know if they’ll ever do anything with the campaign mode? It needs to be updated and maintained, it looks like it’s just taking up space that can be used for something else, maybe this will replace it,who knows, thanks for the video bro👍

  7. FFA mode cant wait!

  8. Dd Will be Op on that mode

  9. Deltawarship Delta

    What is the point with all the nation’s flags ? Why are they all changed is it because it’s in China ?

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