World of Warships Blitz – Destroyers: German vs US vs Soviet

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In today’s backlog-clearing exercise, we’ll be taking a closer look at the main differences in playstyle between US, German and Soviet destroyers. Note that this was recorded pre-3.1

Farragut gameplay: 08:00
Ernst Gaede gameplay: 14:50
Minsk gameplay: 20:23

AnsiaOrchestra – Epic Battle Theme
Used with license


  1. Time to see if I’ve wasted my life in u.s. destroyers

  2. Just started to play world of warships blitz and it’s fun, you got my sub. The info you give is really good

  3. Can you review the French Battleships please I’m interested in how they compare to their opponents 😉

    • T10 is a beast with rapid reload setup
      Rest is meh

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’m up to tier 5 with the French BBs. Not super impressed so far, but I have hopes for the higher tiers. The premiums are devastating, and the tier 10 has some big calibre shells.

    • Marc basically from Richelieu/Gascogne to Republique are great! Not the best armor protection, but the guns are extraordinary!

  4. The Japanese destroyers fits my play style because of their high damage torpedoes and their long range and the stealth

    • I like the Japanese gunboat destroyers because I like to be aggressive and gunboats are not stealthy. But use their speed and turning and you can ripple fire HE at BBs for a long time.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I quite enjoy the gunboats, but the mainline can be played aggressively as well if the situation permits. Still, nothing like getting behind enemy lines and torping from just outside spotting range 🙂

  5. Nice analysis of the different lines. Ty. In addition I wanted to add that for the Soviet line, I like to use bb’s as a meatshield and single shot at stuff all the way. Especially with Tashkent where you can get advanced HE shells as the elite bonus for +7% chance of setting fire, you can be annoying as hell. Also when you single shot, most ppl disregard you as a threat, which is a mistake because you can truly melt a bb if he let’s you. I fought quite some battles without using the torps and got up to 50k dmg from guns and fires only. If you can get into position for torps, you can add 50k dmg to that. My record is 114k total.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Hiding behind a BB is quite a nice strat, I’ll have to do that more 🙂 Although you do run the risk of getting hit by stray shells from shots aimed at your meatshield.

    • Gabriella Bonita Sukianto

      Fun and games with Terry as far I play Tashkent stray shell is not big problem although she is big but quite hard and sturdy DD 😀
      For me Soviet DD biggest problem will be CV 😐

  6. I’m that weirdo who prefers Russian destroyers, I like the play style required to be effective in em, no idea why and the gaede has bigger guns than the Z-52 at tier X

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Soviet DDs are fun – I usually play very aggressively, and they can dance around enemy ships and take a beating in the process. I find them more difficult at higher tiers, when people aren’t as easily confused.

    • @Fun and games with Terry yeah and for some strange reason that’s the play style I prefer, the khabarovsk is my favorite I’d say, she eats shimas up,or basically any destroyer that tries to have a gunfight,bad idea

  7. I love US Destroyers they are fun just use smoke and slap bbs with torps XD lol German dds Are sick they really have nice guns

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I feel like the USN DDs have been power-crept a bit, with the proliferation of smokes and radars, but haven’t played the higher-tier ones yet.

    • Der Lebkuchenmann

      I’m at the Fletcher, I think its playable. Not the best but still fun to play with the smoke and all. Highscore was 110k

    • @Der Lebkuchenmann the Fletcher is enjoying and Gearing to my win rate on them 70% lol

  8. Very nice video. I’m grinding all of the lines. Just got to Minsk and Leberecht Maast. I also just started the Japanese gunboat line and am loving those. I have enough XP to go to Benson on the American line but I’m running low on blueprints.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      blueprints are often my scarcest resource. You can spend silver on combining lower-level ones, if you’re running out, but it can get a bit expensive down the road.

  9. What about French Destroyers.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      There are currently only two premiums in the game, Aigle and Terrible, I think. Haven’t played either of them yet.

  10. Great 👍🏼
    Hill and fushun are my fun ships
    Akizuki is fun too
    Do this kinda vid for bb / cl ?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Yep, I’ll put that on the backlog. I’ve done one for cruisers ages ago, but that’s probably outdated.

  11. I LOVE YOU!!!!,Thx for this videol, will you make a comparison with ships(bb) ?!

    • Fun and games with Terry

      yes, that’s on my backlog. I’ve done one for cruiser lines, but that was way back, maybe time for an update as well.

    • Fun and games with Terry  gooddd :). The servers fell? After 12 at night he wouldn’t let me in … do you know something?

  12. I love US DDs thank you for video 🙂

  13. I’ve played through most of every DD tech tree line, and I can confidently say that I think the Americans, Germans, And Pan-Asians are the strongest. I’d love to get your thoughts on how the Pan-Asian line compares to these!

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I haven’t played all the lines up to the top, but I find the Pan-Asian DDs rather strong. The deepwater torps do a lot of damage, they get smokes – they’re less of an evolutionary line, but more of a mixed bag so far. I personally rarely use torps against DDs for anything but area denial from tier 7 upwards, and will mostly get into gunfights anyway, so not even having to think of them gives me the advantage of not pausing my guns to try and aim torps. I’m at tier 7 on Pan-Asian now, and while she’s no Fushun, I’m definitely going to grind up.

  14. How about best way to grind xp

  15. Good analysis Terry. Still I feel the map in play is essential to the playstyle, as well as is the enemy teams approach. For instance I find it hard to brawl in a sovjet dd, if the enemy stay in formation? Or use stealth in carrier games? However your guide is spot on as a general rule IMO

  16. How about BB lines
    It would help out noobs like me

  17. German and Japanese DD’s are my personal favorites! I’m going for Shimakaze with that 15 torp broadside! Definitely the best DD in the game!

  18. I’m recently starting to become fairly capable with the Aka. I love the speed and number of torps plus short reload time. I am fast becoming the scourge of at least three of the seven seas…. I also have the Leningrad premium and although fast it turns so slowly! I can’t remember the torp range but it is better than the Minsk. Fun to play with deadly guns

  19. Terry played Soviet destroyer after sunk DD in close fight : “Who’s next?”


  20. Im new subscriber and This is my favorit channel.. Im also playing this game in tier 5 jianwei ..

    Greeting from Indonesia

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