World of Warships Blitz – Downhill battle

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Today, the aptly-named Abbadon is playing for us in the USS Hill, the very fun premium tier 5 destroyer.

AnsiaOrchestra R; Battle Theme
Used with license


  1. Thanks Terry it was A Fun Match

  2. I use different Avatars in the game have so much many I’m Male actually

    • Fun and games with Terry

      apologies 🙂 I’m a firm believer in personal freedom, so if someone presents in a female form, I usually go with that. One of the beauties of the internet – everyone can be what they want to be 🙂 I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

    • @Fun and games with Terry if I’m not having any luck with one Avatar I change Avatars To change my luck it usually works 😁

    • Fun and games with Terry

      ha, I have that with camos. For some reason, the distinctly Canadian-looking one just doesn’t work well for me most of the time.

  3. Wait I don’t remember hills being in the ocean

  4. Love the videos terry. But the tv or whatever the background noise is in the video is really bad.

  5. Terry i’m expecting to learn something from you dude, not how to get lucky in a field full of noobs. The aiming was poor and he should have been killled 3x over. Like you mentioned yourself if you’re broadsiding cruisers like this you’re supposed to get killed. I appreciate the content, but this is not how you do it.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      hahaha sorry, I’m trying to keep things entertaining and mixed up, there’ll be educational content as well, promise 🙂
      The thing with mid-tier is that you can get lucky like this, and blap ships left and right, but it’s not guaranteed. So, to fulfil my mission, this is how I play mid-tier.

      First off, I look closely at the team list on the opening screen, and identify opponents that are dangerous towards me. I go by fleet tag (there are a couple of fleets that get you a “danger” rating in my book), by league (this doesn’t work in the first week, since everyone is in the same boat), ship type and division.

      Let’s say I’m in a Hill. Enemy Nürnberg, [MOAB] player, league 9 or legendary, I keep a close eye on them. Enemy Nürnberg, unknown to me / no fleet, league 2, lower danger rating. I usually identify one or two ships I want to avoid.

      Next step, spawns, let’s say three-cap domination. Only one enemy cruiser, that dangerous Nürnberg. Do we have cruisers? Where are they spawning? Chances are either mirror or cross-spawn. I know they’re out there, so I approach the first cap with an exit strategy in mind. I’m in a Hill, so I only got the short-duration fuel smoke. But I also know that I’ve got excellent concealment. If I can outspot the enemy DD, I can rush the cap, keeping an eye on the usual paths a CL would come in.

      Let’s say, just my luck, I run into them just when I get into the cap. No enemy DD, I can outspot them. It’s a Nürnberg, very poor armour. Where’s my BB support? Am I alone? Is he alone? If the odds are in my favour, I can rush him with the fuel smoke. Taking out a dangerous player early in the game can be hugely valuable. If the odds aren’t in my favour, I try to disengage and let the BBs deal with him, or drop torps and smoke to push him away, not expecting to hit with a range drop, and then go where I can deal more damage.

      On the other hand, in a game full of less-experienced players, I’m happy to take a lot more risks. Another thing you can do to gauge if you can take a risk or not is to observe a player. Where are their guns pointing at? What are they shooting at? Are they actively engaged, or are they seeking? If they’re actively engaged, their situational awareness is reduced, and chances of rushing them and getting away with it are increased.

      So, even in a mid-tier battle full of noobs, there’s a huge amount of tactical consideration going on, at least for me, and that’s actually really good practice for higher-tier battles, since I’m running the exact same calculations, just on a lower base-level of noobness. Noobility? You know what I mean.

  6. What about that new account T-bone?

  7. I really enjoy the Hill! Fun ship to play. Nice video… thanks

    • Fun and games with Terry

      She’s a great mid-tier DD, although admittedly in part due to the fact that she’s, well, mid-tier 🙂

  8. Off topic, have you checked out a mobile game called “Ships of Glory” I think it comes from a game developer in Australia. They have a couple fun titles

  9. Gabriella Bonita Sukianto

    When the clueless players are on your team lol oh mi
    From my experience 80% they dead by DDs in mid tier XD

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve seen legend-league players in tier 2 DDs, murdering absolutely everything… destroyers are super dangerous in low tiers, when played correctly

  10. When TheMightyJingles makes a video titled “Uphill Battle”, you just *had* to do the opposite 🤣

  11. Always very entertaining to watch your content 😎 😍 😎

  12. Nice vid 😉 I got a question for you : are you German?

  13. He certainly plays well but the Bertin with a normal player would have had him for lunch!

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Yeah, risky move. You can observe players in mid-tier, and if you’re reasonably sure they’re not paying attention, do this sort of thing (like what I did with the Furutaka a couple of videos back), but I’d put this one down to luck.

      A good variation is to check where their guns are pointing, and drive-by on the other side. Since the torp tubes turn with the guns, they’d be all the way at one end of their radius, and won’t turn in time.

  14. I’m very confused about ‘fire and flood resistance’
    Does it reduces the chance of getting on fire and floodings or does it reduces the damages caused by fire and floodings.

    Because i have to choose between steering mod 1, propulsion mod and desk protection mod (resuces the chance of getting on fire by 25%) on my North Carolina
    And also suggest me what equipments should i use in 1st and 3rd equipments slots on my North Carolina.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      My theory so far is this: when you’re being hit by an HE shell, there’s a chance that your ship is set on fire. On the opposing side, there’s a chance that your ship is _not_ set on fire – the fire & flood resistance. You can see the percentage in the “survivability” tab, e.g. on a NC, it’s 22.5% base. It’s like a saving throw – at least in my theory, based on the fact it’s observably harder to set higher-tier USN ships on fire than others.

      The “fire and flooding resistance” module increases these factors, but by a percentage, not by percentage points. Again, on the Colorado, you’d get a 10% increase on the 22.5% chance of not being on fire, giving you a 24.75% chance. The deck protection mod, on the other hand, doesn’t actually change this modifier, so we’re a bit left guessing what it does. I’m using it on my German BBs over the damage control system mod, since they have relatively low resistances to begin with, and it’s a perceived improvement.

      Now, I don’t have the NC myself, so this is theoretical. Slot one, depends. I’d play a couple of test battles and see how the guns behave. The Colorado was rather inaccurate at range, so the range mod might not be a great choice, unless that’s improved. You could go with main battery reload, depending on how sturdy her turrets are – Colorado wasn’t great in that department, either. I’m currently experimenting with the secondary reload mod on the Colorado.

      Slot three, looking at a base 16.8s turn time, I’d probably go with the steering gear mod. Torp damage reduction isn’t great to begin with.

    • @Fun and games with Terry for slot one i have gone with accuracy mod over reload because at thier 8 every one seems to snipe from max range so accuracy is better than reload at that range and also reload mod weakens the gun turret
      And loosing one turret means loosing 3 guns,
      For slot 2 i still can’t decide should go for damage control, propulsion or deck protection.
      So one more question, does propulsion mod helps in evading torps, does it slows down the ship more quickly and reverse accelerate ship quickly?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Ah, I didn’t know she gets the dispersion mod at tier 8. Yeah, that’s probably a no-brainer.

      Propulsion mod helps in dodging torps, together with the steering mod. The propulsion increases both your acceleration and deceleration, so if you’re trying to avoid torps, put the ship in reverse (decelerate faster than neutral) and full-on turn (turning drops speed as well).
      Torpedo damage reduction may be useful if you’re not very confident at anticipating torpedoes, otherwise propulsion is not a bad choice. Deck protection, in my impression, does help reducing the amount of fires you take, but it won’t make you invulnerable, so when you’re under fire from an HE-spammer, try to avoid controlling single fires.

    • @Fun and games with Terry thanks a lot for clearing my confusions and congratulations for 1k in advance. Lots of Love from india ♥️♥️

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