World of Warships Blitz: Easter Crate Opening 236,600 Gold Used

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  1. Fist comment

  2. Deltawarship Delta

    Well the new game mode is very interesting every class has it chance excepted one the carriers ( except the Graf Zeppelin ) are useless the carriers are so vulnerable and if you don’t pay attention to the storm. With my Bayern, I had a cracking match and my secondaries did a really good job I even killed a low health warspite with very low health at the end

  3. Wowww… Imagine if this wasn’t a press account, a lot of wasted gold.

  4. Wow alot crates, good to know. Looking forward to Blitz Royale wish it was all day long for the whole week instead of a set time window.

  5. I pulled a Sirius first rip earlier today with a free key🤑

  6. Don’t do this at home! 😜

  7. i want vanguard play video

  8. So you’re saying I have a chance at Richelieu!

  9. Thanks for showing the reality of the crates 😳

  10. So lucky you’re a cc

  11. i managed to pull gallant on the first rip with the free key from the victory blitz lol

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