World of Warships Blitz – German cruiser “Roon” review

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The – completely fictional – “Roon” has been unlocked for me for ages – I’ve just never felt like spending the silver to get her. Part of it may also be that she didn’t look quite as powerful as the Hipper, and people seem to think little of her. So, let’s see if there’s truth to this.

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  1. Dont worry it still worth it to get the Hindenburg its a beast its more like a Super Hipper 😀

  2. Gabriella Bonita Sukianto

    Apprently She never have name and so WG named her “Roon”

  3. Awesome content! but till now I haven’t grind German cruiser yet.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      if you go that route, tier 5 and 6 are excellent light cruisers – no armour, but fast, agile and very hard-hitting 150mm AP shells. Stay away from HE on these things, just hit BBs in the front or rear. Tier 7 is an HE spammer, which is very confusing. The Hipper at tier 8 is an excellent brawler (i.e. close-range heavy cruiser), since she’s quite sturdy, and packs a punch with the torps. Tier 10 – we’ll see when I get there 🙂

  4. You should “Roon” from this ship 🙂

  5. Why does the roon have a smaller twin turret on the front that does nothing?

  6. Wow…didn’t knew the roon was pretty good

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I mean she’s not great. I have failed many a time in this ship. But if you play her as a ranged kiter, and only brawl when an opportunity arises, she works pretty well, since she’s got a better endurance than the Hipper.

  7. Thomas Dave Dumayac

    I have the Yorck on my port and I really find it as an inferior Cruiser compared to its same tier counterparts. I usually use HE rounds because I find it good enough to incinerate enemy ships and cause damage through fire. Its AP rounds has a very poor penetration and everytime you fire unto enemy BBs especially in the long range you would defenitely bounce off most your shots and gives you zero damage at all. It has a good penetration against DDs and lightly armored cruisers in the game.

    I’m really glad to see that its succeeding ships of her line are worth it and in terms of armor the Roon would definately manage to survive the early skirmishes and salvos during the first 2-3 minutes of the match and its Range would still pretty help out.

    • Thomas Dave Dumayac

      @Pain Weaver too bad that the oddball in the German BB line are the top tiers of their line like the Grober Kürfurst and the Friedrich der Grober. I hope that they would buff the tier X Grober Kürfurst and add its triple guns on its turrets , just like in PC.

    • @Thomas Dave Dumayac no it wont, many crybabies will against the triple turrets as they will lose their easy target, i mean its not historically accurate

    • Thomas Dave Dumayac

      @Benjamin Chase well it is still a game, and historical accuracy is not a thing in Wargaming as you’ve already seen with all of their other games like WoT and WoW where they even make up something just to fill in the blanks to make a full line of tech tree. Just like the Roon, it didn’t even had any historical blueprints and only existed in the plans and imaginations of the Nazi Party, but still we have her in the game.

      I’m a fan of German BBs and in my opinion it would really be great to see them have the triple guns mounted rather than the dual guns. The german top tier is currently inferior against its adversaries in the game. (Just my opinion)

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Just because this made me giggle: “Grober Kürfurst” in German would translate to the “rough elector”, whereas “Grosser Kürfurst” is the “grad elector”. That weird letter isn’t a b, it’s a substitute for a double-s 😀

      The Yorck is actually a pretty good ship – just a very strange one. She’s probably the only German ship that has great HE, and meh AP. There’s rarely a reason to fire AP in her – light cruiser broadside at 6km, maybe, but otherwise, just stick to HE. The fire chance is excellent. She’s a bit sturdier than the tier 6, but not as brawly as tier 8 – yet, the HE shells and the precision skill make her a great HE spammer.

    • Thomas Dave Dumayac

      @Fun and games with Terry sorry for that sir, I’m actually pretty aware that the b was meant to be pronounced as double s rather than b in German. I just actually didn’t found the correct symbol in my phone’s keyboard.

      Anyways, you are right that the Yorck isn’t that really of a bad ship at all but rather a good HE spammer. I started to play more games with my Yorck just to conplete my Battlehonors mission to gain enough amount of copper for Roma and I’m starting to learn the Yorck and understand her gameplay pretty much more.

      Yorck is like a support ship and most oftenly I go along with BBs and escort them against incoming DDs and possible torpedo attacks using my Sonar skill. The problem with this is that enemy BBs and other Cruisers would most likely shoot at you first because of you being closer to them. That is why I really find the Yorck hard to master and less pleasing to new players.

  8. Don’t expect to be able to brawl with a top 100 player in a Teir 10 BB like that! It will end badly for the Roon.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Yeah, nah – but when that Monty was showing the rear like that, I just couldn’t resist. I knew I could get a couple of shots in before she’d have gun angles at me (and that one salvo did hurt). But don’t underestimate German 203mm AP, with the reload module, and knowing where to aim 😀

  9. Well, it’s 100% worth it to get the Hindenburg. I call it a “Fake battleship because you get so much hard hits against anything.

  10. Thanks for the review m8, it’s a good one.
    This encourage me to buy it, again. 😂
    One of single most confusing floating piece of ship I’ve ever played. Bought it twice, sold it twice.
    When I get Baltimore i thought it was bad, then i get Roon which is worse haha.
    Even Ibuki is more enjoyable.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I quite enjoyed the Balti, actually. Not quite the dpm of a DM, but a very decent HE spammer – and a logical evolution of the preceding ship, which makes things always easier imo. My biggest problem with Roon was to get my head around the fact that I’m not in a Hipper anymore 🙂

  11. What is it about the tier 9 cruisers? Why are they junk?

    • It took me about 25 battles to get the hang of the Neptune and now I think it’s pretty good. Also I just got the Seattle and it’s pretty beastly although I only have < 10 games in her so maybe it’s just luck so far. I think it’s really only the Roon which is lackluster. The main problem is just that it is tier 9. Tier nine really tests you skill as a player the most. That’s just a byproduct of this type of tier setup. Same applies to WOT/B

    • Fun and games with Terry

      The top tiers (9/10) can be quite an uptick in challenge from tier 8, so with T9, you get into these games, but you’ll often be bottom tier. That said, some tier 9s are said to be rather tricky to play – making the t10 more rewarding?

    • @Fun and games with Terry yeah, that’s one way of looking at it, and not all the tier 9 cruisers are horrible, I got the donskoi the other day and she’s pretty stout and I’ve heard that’s probably the only one that isn’t complete crap, but on the other hand,Im a believer that the captain makes the ship, not the ship makes the captain, so I might struggle with a particular ship for so long that I totally throw in the towel and quit trying but say you or whoever can take it out a few times and tear hell off it’s hinges(country slang😁) with it, and vice versa, so theirs 2 sides to every coin, but be safe and see ya on the next one bro✌️

    • @Claus Weber have you gotten very far in the Russian cruiser line? Starting at 6 I guess they really start getting good but the chapyaev is a destroyers worst nightmare, I always thought the Cleveland was or the Fiji or just any other cruiser you wanna mention but the Russian cruisers have an advantage over the other cruisers when it’s destroyer killing time and that is those laser cannon guns! They’ve got a really nice trajectory and you don’t have to lead the target very much, and if you’re not at Max range, well mid range+ then the AP will delete a destroyer in a damned hurry! That’s no shit, the chapyaev is better at it than donskoi because of the quicker gun reload but the good thing about donskoi, ironically enough is she has 6km torps, khaborosvks don’t reach that far, mind boggling and I catch ppl with em almost every game, the destroyers will swerve up to me like they’re gonna do something and I’ll literally be laughing at em and then boom! Cya, awesome feeling but anyway, I’ve rambled enough, later

  12. Ships to skip: izumo , roon

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I have yet to experience the Izumo, but I’ve heard stories. Challenge…. tentatively accepted 🙂

  13. The United States Of America

    The roon is actually my least favorite German ship and my least favorite ship in the game. However it’s totally worth the grind because once you get the Hindenburg your going love it

    • Fun and games with Terry

      A lot of people say that. I have to say, she’s growing on me – but I think there’s method to the madness. Almost every other tier of German ships is weird. First you get Yorck, which is a total switch from T6, then Hipper, which is a brawler again, then this thing 🙂

  14. The trick to the Roon is to go backwards.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I do that in the Nürnberg from time to time, actually 🙂 Always confuses the heck out of the enemy, seeing me approaching stern-in, at USN BB speeds 😀

  15. Great video! I need your advice please. I need to choose between the Benson, Gascogne, Gneisenau and Neptune. Which would you go for? I have 300000 to use.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I have neither played Benson nor Gascogne. Gneisenau is a good ship, especially that she leads up to the Bismarck, which is one of the best tier 8 BBs out there imo. Neptune is great fun after Edinburgh. She has a rate of fire that allows you to just spam AP at BBs and actually do something, and enough torps to devastate anything in range. She was probably one of my favourite T9s I’ve played so far.

      Sooo, it depends? DD, French BB I have no idea about, T7 BB oddball which takes a bit to get used to, or CL murder machine? Given my personal preference, I’d be going for the latter, but it depends on what you’d like to play 🙂

    • Thanks mate! Neptune it is!

  16. A hammer known as haerline

    Tbh When I first had Roon I hated it so much (Like literally hated it that I would criticize it) But now she is actually a beast. She is great against Battleships (If you get a good hit) and is a great dd killer and a ‘torpedo spotter’

    • Fun and games with Terry

      She’s not that bad. Quite tanky, decently precise at range. Probably the biggest problem for me was the style switch from the Hipper. She can brawl if needed, but she’s more at home with kiting.

  17. Roon is basically a Nurnberg in Heavy cruiser mode, right?

  18. ivan alejandro sierra morales

    es una rama muy divertida los cruseros alemanes yo tengo el 7 y me dvierto mucho . Gracias por el video.

  19. Been lightly grinding german cruisers every once and a while. Got the nurnberg a few days ago, pretty fun!

  20. Can you review the Maya?

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