World of Warships Blitz: Halloween and Blitz Pass

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Halloween is just around the corner, and some eerie updates are coming your way. Find out about the new Blitz Pass and what else is in store, Commanders!


  1. i like halloween

  2. tho i been seeing alot of game doing game pass now

  3. U can add port slots to the battle pass for more useful bonus.. and I’m still waiting too see the Missouri in free xp not in gamble crates LoL

  4. Only for blitz?

  5. [HH]General Burkhalter

    Time to empty my wallet

  6. Nitro Zeus the dank

    I’m the only one get a broken matchmaking why i figth lengendary ligue i just start to play

    • World of Warships Blitz

      We would like to inform you that leagues are not taken into account in our matchmaking system. Currently the system matches you with players who use the same tier or +1/-1 tier ships. Hopefully, this information clarifies the situation!

    • Nitro Zeus the dank

      Oh okay i’m gonna buy a premium cause there strong in tier VII and when the submarine will be added plz it’s a good game

  7. I’m still waiting for ussr battleship!

  8. Why is every single ship with the special camo change drasticly but lexington does not?

  9. event mode on !

  10. Спасибо бро всегда мечтал о бонус кодов

  11. please in russian

  12. 祐太郎 47 MINI GH-RA16


  13. Camo camo and more camo, or it’s the ridiculous Azur stuff.
    Keys not fix bugs, the broken economy again. The constant encouragement of gambling! The broken chat, The MM.
    The historical side of this game and the legitimate camp’s is what brought most of us here in the first place!!!
    Ok Halloween you’re having some fun, but just sort the game out first. You have had nearly 2 years already, on the European server that is.

    • World of Warships Blitz

      We definitely understand how upsetting facing issues with economy and matchmaking, and encountering bugs can be. We would like to inform you that we are actively working on resolving existing issues and implementing new and exciting content. Should you encounter any specific issues – please don’t hesitate to contact our support department and go into more detail. You can do that by going to the main menu, clicking the icon on top-left and selecting “Support”. Thank you in advance, and we hope that soon you will notice improvements! 🙂

  14. Дмитрий Филонович

    Спасибо! А как их можно активировать в клиенте самой игры? Или это не для блиц коды?

  15. Yo solo diré que no sean culeros

  16. @Дмитрий Филонович ни как это только для пк версии

  17. Kristofer Saseniuk

    28 dollars canadian. No timmies coffee for me this month

  18. Ricky Breckenridge

    Is Imperator Nikolai I now a permanent premium?

  19. hey uh are submarines coming because I saw them in the PC game

  20. [ WoWS ] World of WarShips Replays

    @Дмитрий Филонович На сайте Wargaming
    логинитесь, в верхнем правом углу появляется ваш ник, жмете на него и в открывшемся окне снизу будет “Активировать код Wargaming

  21. Madafaka! Fixed the game first.

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