World of Warships Blitz – Japanese battleship “Black Izumo” review

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She’s got a reputation for being one of the worst T9 ships, and T9 is generally considered the worst tier to begin with. So, of course, we’ll get a black version.

So, with expectations suitably lowered, I’m back at shoot-people-from-range-battleships (again).

0:00 Intro
1:37 History
3:26 Tech Tree Comparison
5:30 Modules
6:55 That Third Turret
8:46 Elite Bonus
9:04 Captain Skills
11:08 Camo
11:37 Top Tier
18:53 Bottom Tier
24:25 Conclusion


  1. Also F in the chat for the poor AA gunners ear drums.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Nelson had “interesting” problems with this as well, firing the third turret tended to blow the bridge windows to bits, and full broadsides had the tendency to shatter the plumbing in the front half of the ship

  2. Izumo is one of my all time least favorite ships. Not sure why you would make a black one. Also I was somehow never to- tier. You feel like a target panel for tier X.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      General problem for T9 – there’s a leap in firepower and armour in T10, making T9 BBs often problematic to play.

      Weirdly, I think this is where the Izumo actually works ok for me in the role as ranged snipey ship. Freddy was definitely harder to play in bottom tier. Izumo doesn’t have great armour, but the gun layout and playstyle lend themselves to island camping, which can work out ok.

      Now keep in mind that I was playing the black version, with the RR, but I’m tempted to take on the IJN line again, especially that I have Yamamoto on Nagato currently

    • @Fun and games with Terry Given that the ship is huge and size was not a constraint, you would hope they could have designed the rear turret to rotate port or starboard like Nelson. It forces you to play a side. This was also the first Tier 9 BB I played so extra painful. The turret rotation problem makes it hard if you get surprised by a DD. As a ranged sniper I think it can trade blows with Iowa but not Montana and definitely not Yamato. Grinding this ship made me appreciate Yamato once I finally got her. Since the ship and armor is balsa wood it catches fire easy.

  3. Hi Terry thx for doing the book giveaway i’m happy that you are making money now 🙂 P.S. #terryto4k

  4. And in ww2 also
    Izumo was the lead ship of her class of armored cruisers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the late 1890s. As Japan lacked the industrial capacity to build such warships itself, the ship was built in Britain.

  5. In my experience of playing izumo, one of her biggest problems is her reputation

    She tends to go under focus fire more often because people see her has free damage, this goes very poorly with her mediocre armour

    Making a black version of her is pretty much putting an additional “shoot me!” Sign on her

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve seen Izumos sailing full speed into the enemy team. Not something you can do. But at range, from a hardened position, she works pretty well. I’ll have to try the tech tree one.

  6. I have Nelson and used her quite a bit, and I have to say the thumbnail is 100% accurate! 😂This thing is basically Japanese Nelson!

  7. Great video as always!

  8. I believe Izumi from what I have seen is a good ship. But it suffers the same fate of all tier 9 ships. Getting focused down in any tier 9 ship is a big issue. Now maybe the reason people call the ship bad is because it gets focused by tier 10 ships. Although from my experience with the Freddy it only becomes a issue if you separate your self from teammates and leave a defensive position. I have gotten some good games in tier 9 ships. The only ship type that I can’t comment on for tier 9 is carrier. Overall if your bottom tier in a tier 9 ship my advice would be to stick to your team and retreat if you begin to get focused. If your unable to hold a cap or position in a tier 9 you could attempt to delay the enemy or make a run for it to your team.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Absolutely. The thing is, and that surprised me initially, that this one actually works pretty well for a T9. The T10 gun & armour progression is harsh, but in the sniper role, she actually works reasonably well – you can switch to HE if you’re shooting at hard targets, and find a defensive position you can use to disengage if needed, and stay back.

  9. The Gunnery Staff use hungry hungry hippos for targeting plots.

    • Fun and games with Terry


      Dispersion is a bit meh, especially with the precise aim 1, but the RR kinda compensates for it. It’s almost as if the USN had captured that ship, put their own gunners on it, and pretend that it’s a weird-looking Iowa XD

  10. HighlanderNorth1

    I’ve heard mixed reviews. Even the regular Izumo has its proponents. I recall watching at least 2 other popular YouTube WOWSB reviewers(with narration) who also like, and recommend the Izumo. There are some people who don’t like it. But obviously it’s not all bad. I bought an Izumo maybe 6 weeks ago, but I was(am still) low on gold blueprints, so I only partially upgraded it, then parked it. It’s only like 35% upgraded, so I’m NOT playing it in randoms yet.

    Instead, I went back to grinding for the Republique, my 1st tier 10 ship, saving my gold BP’s for it. I just picked it up last night, and managed to do an 80% upgrade. Now I’m STUCK trying to decide which commander skills to pick for Republique, considering that it’s now got the legendary French commander, named Phillipe Aubo-something or other…… His legendary skill boosts are throwing a wrench in my gears!

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’m going to go through all the legendary commanders, might as well pick the French up next. Remind me if I forget 🙂

  11. Oh no. Terry has joined the dark side. He now enjoys snipers. And Ijumo.

    P.S. play Amagi & Yamato plz.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      On my personal account, I’m at Nagato. I do have Yamamoto, he came with the Ashitaka bundle AFAIR, so I’m somewhat incentivised to grind up the line. Not a priority, but I might do a review of Yama on press, and a lot of people have been asking about Amagi.

  12. Good thing i complete grind her. At first yes, i got problem handling this ship, but it wasn’t cr*ppy ship at all, just difficult to use

    Actually, i got new problem handling the Iowa because of her speedy 32kt (or more?) once u reach top, not to mention its prone to get citadel by the other.

    For the main gun, i think both ship got good accuracy and good citadel chance, based on my opinion

    For this black version, i dont think could grind her due to my workload. It seem fun to play yes?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I quite enjoyed Iowa after NC, and more than Montana. She’s still quite nimble, quick, and the guns are ok. Still not my favourite line 🙂 But I might play the IJN BBs a bit more, now that I’ve tried Izumo.

  13. You might as well just forget about the secondaries, because when you’re a sniper with awkward turrets and even more awkward secondary placements that has the one purpose to indicate that if you can shoot at anything with them you screwed up

  14. Well I always target Izumos when I was using Taiho.

  15. “10, 11, 12 seconds” for the rapid reload… what does that mean? Hit the RR button 12 seconds after firing, or with 12 seconds left until reload?

  16. Mohd. Nabeel Khan

    I have citadel izumo’s even when they are bow in with my bismark.
    Bismark can easily slap izumo even after being a lower teir

  17. Captain can be shared with the Super Cruisers…Azuma and Yoshino.

  18. Ethan Brown Explorations

    I have said for a long time, we need a Black Cleveland.

  19. People don’t like it because you can’t yolo broadside in it and succeed. It requires situational awareness to play effectively. Kinda reminds me of Jean Bart play.

  20. Hafta concur with the reputation… Whenever I see an Izumo I generally dismiss it as a serious threat. Of course a savvy driver will change my mind quickly but that seems to be the rules’ exception…
    Also, bots seem to be in Izumos a lot, so that might contribute to that conception of her as well…(???)

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve seen a fair few Izumos either just sailing around into crossfires, or trying to find the next map. She does require positional play to be effective, and some situational awareness, otherwise the poor armour will bite you quickly. Guess that, to a degree, feeds into the reputation.

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