World of Warships Blitz – Kongo carries the game doing 90k damage

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And this is despite completely unfair mm!


  1. Hay dude can you give me Some advice

  2. Third comment!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice board

  4. Don’t like the voice actor sounds corny af

  5. I cant find thos on the app store? Is it only in Europe? I’m in NA.

  6. Is this on mobile?

  7. Pls dowload link

  8. Hey dimmzy when is this coming to the NA server aka America I can’t download yet and I want it

  9. Dimzzy which recorder do you use?

  10. Some one tell me please, is this game out in North America yet. I don’t find it on AppStore????

  11. Good stuff man! Any good Asian clan, I have 56 wr, but only 42 matches. Happy sailing!

  12. Fluffyunicorns_Gaming

    Dimzzy aim lower! And don’t give too much lead. If you aim lower you get more often citadels!

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