World of Warships Blitz: New Ship & Elite commander

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World of Warships Blitz: Tier 9 German Battleship

Mr. Bryant_WowsbCC

Published on 21/06/2021


💎About myself

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Hello Everyone I’m Sony one of your Community Contributor for the game. I’m on the Asia server my IGN is Press_MrBryant.

📱: Asus ROG Phone 3

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  1. When Pommern is getting released ?

  2. I am totally disappointed .. the parameters of the ship are horrible .. it is worse than the odin

    • Odin is one of the best German ships you can get! Accurate, fast and actually traverse’s a lot quicker than most BBs, plus it’s secondaries are so deadly it outshines Bismarck and tirpitz up close. However the Pommern looks poor. Reload is far too long! 380mm’s at tier 9 facing tier 10 it should have 20-21 sec reload and tighter dispersion. Plus the acceleration is pref buff on the FDG and GK. it’s too long. Traverse is good, but my Vermont will eat those alive.

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