World of Warships Blitz – ODIN Review + 147k Damage – [Webcam]

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World of Warships Blitz Odin Review, by Yeah Buoy.
147k Damage match and webcam included.

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0:00 Intro
1:36 Live Commentary Webcam
7:27 Spreadsheet – Tier 8 Battleships
9:36 Closing
10:00 Equipment & Commander Setup


Whats up guys! This is YeahBuoy.

I’m going to review this tier 8 premium battleship, the Odin.
In this match, I’m using the first of these three setups below.

World of Warships Blitz is currently in version 4.0 and there are 19 Tier 8 battleships. 13 of the 19 are premiums. Odin was the 19th to be released. So what makes Odin unique? Why introduce a 19th Tier 8 battleship?

Well, Odin stands out in a few ways. It’s a small, quick, maneuverable brawler with mid-range torpedoes, mid-range secondary guns, and mid-range auto-secondary guns. Imagine a more squishy Roma with less accurate main gun dispersion at long range but with torpedoes and much better brawling capabilities. That’s the Odin. At brawling range, you have the potential to deal over 40,000 more damage per minute in an Odin than in a Roma. It’s very fun to play, but not when your enemies know to stay away from you and snipe from a long distance. Odin has less hit points than any other tier 8 battleship, but it has the second highest potential damage per second. And to reach that potential, you have to fight within about 6 km of the enemies to make sure that they don’t escape the range of your secondaries.

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If you’ve seen my Lenin Review then this will look familiar to you. But I have way more ships this time because there’s been a lot of new battleships since then.

The first thing you may notice is the 3 different Odin rows. They have slightly different stats based on the equipment setup and elite bonus option. They are shaded in a way to indicate risk levels. The darker the shade, the higher your potential damage per second, but also the higher risk you have of getting sunk because you’re trading survivability for more damage. Keep in mind that the two shades of blue for all of the other ships do not have anything to do with risk levels; they are only shaded to add contrast between the rows.

Now let’s make some sense of these numbers.

Odin is one of the most maneuverable battleships at Tier 8. It has the highest top speed of all tier 8 battleships, at 30.43 knots. It is third quickest to accelerate, at 1.49 knots per second. It is the 4th quickest to turn around, with a turn time of just under 11 seconds. It has the fastest main gun reload time of all tier 8 battleships, at 18 seconds. And it has the second highest potential damage per second, only bested by the Tirpitz.

But don’t let its potential fool you. It has the lowest amount of hit points of all tier 8 battleships, and its survivability percent totals are don’t make up for the lack of hit points. The Odin has the worst main gun range of all tier 8 battleships, so you’re you’re the kind of player that likes to sit back and snipe, this is not the ship for you. In fact, the Odin has the worst HE and AP main gun DPS of all of these other battleships, so the only way to go from the worst damage dealer to the second best damage dealer is to get close enough to use your auto secondaries and your torpedos.

Give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this review. If you want some awesome YeahBuoy merchandise, check for a link in the description. I’ll catch you guys next time.

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  1. Juicy commander skills are at the end and awesome t-shirts are here:

  2. WarshipBlitz_RankBlitz

    The first

  3. Damn…..147k is huge YeahBuoy!!!

  4. Haha OdinBouy is a real meme
    OdinBouy go brrrr
    Also I don’t think you noticed that secondary citadel at 2:04 lol
    Also at 3:55 your auto secondaries were hitting the North Carolina through the island…. Odin really does have some godly skills

  5. Can ya do a NC T8 how to play and Iowa?? One vid…tips and tricks for these two

  6. This is what I like to see for an Odin commander. Going up close and assert your dominance. Be the brawler and show who is da boss!!!

  7. How’s ur hand doing

  8. Ey yeahbuoy nice vid bro really love it, btw if u see these may u considered to play Georgia I really wanna see u play that ship . 😋

  9. Saw you online earlier this morning… thought briefly about sending a team invite but then I got stage fright lol

  10. Awesome spreadsheet buoy

  11. Great review buddy 👍👍👍best of Odin gameplays ,Awesome as always

  12. This is the first time I’ve seen a German BB actually be effective when using HE lol

    • Same. I thought why HE. Why?

    • I used HE because I noticed that the auto secondaries were starting fires very easily in previous matches, so I decided to try an HE build and focus on brawling and starting as many fires as I could to support my auto secondaries. This was the result, so it is what it is. I didn’t expect to be sharing an HE build but I wasn’t having any luck with my AP build. When I used an AP build I noticed my average damage was dropping significantly, so I switched back to HE build and bada-bing-bada-boom I got 147k. I agree that it seems like I would get higher damage with AP but since I wasn’t getting 100k+ matches with AP I shared this HE match and HE build instead.

      BTW, random info in case you’re interested: the auto secondaries average 3.2 fires per minute and the main guns average 2.7 fires per minute. That equates to 5.9 fires per minute. Make of that what you will. AP and 3.2 FPM versus HE and 5.9 FPM. IDK how to calculate on paper which is truly better but naturally I’d think AP. Then again, those secondary fires are going to get put out by the extinguisher, so they aren’t doing their full potential without help from main guns. There’s also the increased potential for a Flooding to not be put out if they already used extinguisher from 6 fires per minute.

    • @YeahBuoy I’m going to try my luck with HE tomorrow. Thanks bud for the breakdown. Appreciate it

  13. Would like to see you do one for massachusetts.

  14. Always a whale in games! JK 😜
    Great video! 👍

  15. Enzo Luis Asuncion

    Now I’m scared seeing this guy on the Odin…

  16. I totally get why AP shells aren’t doing as much damage. 305s is the smallest caliber BB shell at t8, even with the “vaunted german AP” they still won’t pen most belts of the BB’s of same tier much less t9. Kind of like scharnhorst at t7, it is a super fun BB to play, but the AP is crappy on anything that isn’t a cruiser.

  17. How to use a destroyer

  18. Bro I’m new to tier viii DD. Is there any tips to countering against torpedo bombers. Like battleship bates DD torpedoes by going backwards and forwards.

  19. My problem with German is, I can’t seem to ever get a German commander

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