World of Warships Blitz Release Date + FREE Premium Ship!

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is going global very soon, before it does make sure you click the following link to get yourself in pre-registration for a free Premium Tier 3 Soviet .

Click the link to register for the :


  1. I completely forgot about this ? nice surprise.

    Edit: How big is the download?

  2. Thank God its almost here!!

  3. Sk8 i have a question

    R german ships in game

  4. matthew _MyScrubbaWabWab_

    That intro looks bad ass

  5. Im sooo happy! a new game! wotb are boring at the moment…

  6. and now i can play aircraftcarriers!

  7. Great! Looking forward to it! Question: Which nation is easier to start with? Any suggestions for players who have played WoT Blitz, in terms of playing strategy? Would be nice to see some introduction videos

    • Jacky Yang play Japanese destroyers fun and have strong torpedoes

    • Sergio González Torres

      I’ve heard that battleship and cruiser lines are the best for starters as they are more durable than destroyers, and aircraft carriers…well depends on a lot of factors. I think Sk8 and Bushka did a few guides on the game so go and check the videos, I think they mentioned it somewhere

    • Honestly battleships are harder to use than battleships at PC. American destroyers are quite nice. Good guns and decent torps. In the PC version, most destroyers dont have heal but in WoWs blitz they do, but lack smoke generators.

  8. As of now, is it possible to create clans or equivalent of clans in WowS Blitz?Will there be a forum dedicated to wows blitz?

  9. Ahhh, that’s why the game was so dead… it wasn’t even released globally lol. Prob gonna get back into it when it released globally

  10. Will it have a Mac edition like Blitz? Because that’s what I play on. My phone is just to small to play WoT on.

  11. So we can finally play artillery in a “blitz” game in the form of aircraft carriers ???… ???

  12. but the big question is….

    is there russian bias?!

  13. It says it uses gold, but they look like doubloons, which is it? Unified gold or specific currency to wows/wows blitz?

  14. Finally thank got the full release I have problems getting credits I have 3 tier 7 researched but I need credits so I’ll be able to buy premium ships and those new players Watch Out for me lol in Carrier

  15. I am trying to make videos on wows b and tip to those new players top 3 clans are Founders, PLA, and Angus ,( Ik that I maybe have gotten the second clan wrong I don’t remember I’ll change it if I remember ) Watch out for Empire Cannon that guy is on 24/7 and 93% win rate God lol watch out.

    • PLA and AEGIS. Glad to see we are getting noticed 😛

    • The flamingsword well, I was PLA for a bit, but went inactive due to the long grinding times….although I have returned to wows and started up my second clan from blitz, so that’s fun.

    • like a feeder clan, or independent?

    • The flamingsword independent, working on a merge with UBER. Names PROWE if you’ve seen it before.

    • The flamingsword yep maybe Pramo but I only seen them very few times I thought they would be stronger but again I faced few I am at Evil so I may join PLA or help EvilDogs help strong not sure but I have some friends at PLA if I ever need to join I want to commit on this game and try and be great at Carrier class ships.

  16. Also I am subbing to you my friend showed me your channel and a question if I have the game already can I still have the premium tier 3.

  17. Tip for new players for the video suggestions on playing battle ships, lead the target and the most important thing always be careful about using damage control BBs are going to get on fires a lot lol so 1 fire never use damage control 2-3 yes, now flooding does more damage over time then fire but kind of same rule for it. Now people exp is a bit easier then on wot b but credits are going to be hard to get so I recommend people investing on a premium ship rather then premium time but it’s your choice.

  18. Oh and blueprints what the video said was kind of right but the blueprints help improve survivability, improve damage on main batteries, secondaries/ torpedos, increased range on main guns, and aa guns. For carrier it’s survivability, aa guns, secondaries, dive bombers, torpedo bombers and fighters . ( improving Hp and damage ) there is no loadout for carriers Japs have at tier 10 max 6 squadrons it’s 2:2:2, Midway has 2:1:1 ( number order Dive bomber, torpedo, fighter)

  19. Lol let me answer this question that even I had when I first heard of Russian cruisers, No from what I have experienced there I no Russian Bias Yet ( keyword YET ) the cruisers have low torp range with makes it hard to send torps with out getting close tier 4 is 3.6 km which is close but they make it up for by high fire of fire on the main guns. Now tier 10 they take out the torp but the guns have a high range which until experienced is it bit op but that’s what is going to make the Russian tier 10 different from the rest of the cruisers.

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