World of Warships Blitz: Tier 8 Cheshire Gameplay And Stats

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Hello Everyone IR;m RaPltoR Blitz one of your Community Contributor for . I’m on the NA server my IGN is Press_RaPltoR so if you want go and add me. I do gameplay video’s, review video’s, Update video’s, News videos, and Leak video’s.

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  1. I play against you earlier this morning

  2. SwEeT tHe ChEeKs Mike Powwow

    Well that thing looks to be pretty fun huh?? Has all the British findings plus HE. Ya that’s gonna be fun

  3. It looks fun, like the maneuverability is excellent and it has an extra heal, also he shells are good, aa is good, really little to no bad sides

  4. Wait one f@!king second she gets a 4th Repair Kit

  5. That ship looks like a monster. The HE has a 11% fire chance!!! Which is also why, Rapltor, I think you should use HE more often

  6. Whats the date of this thing coming out

  7. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Other than the extra heal this looks like nothing special. Not particularly enthused myself.

  8. Ricky Breckenridge

    The Cheshire Cat.

  9. 1015 ap damage. Similar to Amalfi’s SAP and 1 less than Hindenburg standard AP damage

  10. David The Dark_Ligth

    I liked that the piercing power of his pp is good, unlike the other British cruisers.

    • The British CL line has pretty good AP penetration. They can reliably full-pen cruisers, and will get full pens on BBs if you aim at the bow.

  11. 150% citadel looks like balans commrade

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