World of Warships Blitz: Tier 8 Monarch Stats and Review Video

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  1. SнöDöω_Öf_ ΤнΣ_DäΨ

    Wow looks like a good ship it’s interesting.

  2. Again sorry I’m really sick at the moment. Like I said really like the ship I can see this ship being used in future skirmishes and ranked battles. The guns are great, armor is amazing, shell dispersion is okay. The only downs for the ship will be HE shells, getting your CITADEL hit, and DD’s.

  3. Hiromi will have The King George V Review video up so if you want to watch that go to hes channel
    Link to Video

  4. I’m sry to hear that u are sick 🙁

  5. What equipment did you have setup? Dispersion looks good.

  6. Ricky Breckenridge

    How you get well, can’t wait for the new Italian cruiser coming next month.

  7. ivan alejandro sierra morales

    buen video lastima que estes enfermo bro.

  8. I’m that DD captain you were talking about at the end of the video lmao. Btw great work captain your videos are awesome.

  9. 15 inch again like the Bismarck’s. Seems a bit under-powered for Tier VIII

  10. Amir Abbas Mirshokraei

    Great job mate 🙏🙏🙏

  11. I love my t8 North Carolina but this one looks nasty 🧐

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