World of Warships Blitz: Tier 9 Siegfried 130K Damage Gameplay

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  1. RaPltoR , how it feel playing Germany cruise T9 than Germany battleship T7 gneisnau

  2. That’s a lot of bots

  3. Sorry guys this was going to be a Review video. At the end I tried downloading the video but said ERROR about 5 times again really sorry. This 130K Damage Gameplay was in the Review video I hope you enjoy the gameplay.

    Sorry ;-;

  4. Gameplay is between Real Players and Bots was waiting in port for almost 4 mins lol

  5. Ricky Breckenridge

    When will this beast be coming out, thank you for the video.

  6. Amir Abbas Mirshokraei

    Hey mate! she hasn’t dropped in our port yet! what do you think about her? from 1to10 what’s your score:)in compare with other t9 cruisers. Tnx a lot

  7. 14 second reload time on 6 15” guns is really good!

  8. Enslaved singaporean

    I hear it is very good in PC

  9. Enslaved singaporean

    *Azuma has left the chat*

  10. I met siegfried yesterday. And when I saw player’s nickname, I noticed that it was you. I was riding musashi at that time.

  11. When siegfried arrived in Italy wows blitz servers

  12. Looking good, I wanna get this ship.

  13. You ain’t moving a bot outta the way,they move YOU

  14. I encountered this ship, can definitely see this giving Moskva a little trouble

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