World of Warships Blitz: Update 3.1 Patch Notes What’s To Come

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  1. Ricky Breckenridge

    To quote Anakin, “This is where the fun begins.”

  2. I’m excited for wows blitz ships buff and battle honor 3.2 update 🙂

  3. Shimakaze with smoke :)))))))

  4. Dont forget to subscribe it does help so much 😃 stay safe ❤

  5. I like the new intro 😁

    • Lol yeah people complain about my other one saying it hurt their eyes 😂 so I think it was time for me to change it lol

  6. what is the “new mechanic protection” for the german BB’s ?

    • I don’t really know but I will have to say it has to deal with the armor

    • @RaPltoR Blitz I hope it will be able to survive against the new Yama citadel shoot. But for the Kurfurst i will prefer a third secondary turret for brawling, especially against DD’s because the auto aren’t accurate

  7. Deltawarship Delta

    Seems like a pretty good update to me, my favorite part are the rework of the ijn destroyer and of course the battle time

  8. Yamato will one shot now 😀

  9. This update is nice i like it, now i can finally get Roma

  10. Can’t wait for the update! Hope it comes really soon next month!

  11. Thanks for the info Raptor. What’s your channel discord

  12. Hello sir who get t9 benham giveaway?

  13. Such a great early informations !! It helps us a lot especially for overhaul balancing.

    But at the end, this flooding probability of IJN DDs is a threat for even “Degree of protection’ of German BBs. I hope the GK will receive turret configuration just like her PC version

  14. Владислав

    Omg finally battle time will change
    I’m waiting this from my first battle

  15. Yes Finally time increase and German secondaries buff i can brawl again with my Bismarck 😀

    • Der Lebkuchenmann

      I think you could also do that before the update lol had a battle yesterday with 103k where i killed a Bismarck, Indianapolis and Tirpitz while my only help was a Bismarck 10km away


  17. are the british BBs coming on the first week of april?

    • I will say mid of April but that’s my guess

    • drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

      We got the bellerophon in the battle pass a and I cant find it on the tech tree anywhere, so I’d say it’s like a preview. If so, I’m kind of underwhelmed
      Edit: nvm I’m dumb and should finish before commemting

  18. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Theres also the nice gift of 14 days of premium because everyone is stuck at home

  19. They have the battle royale type game in pc ships as well

  20. I really need to see British BBs at British tech tree.

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