World of Warships Blitz – Update 3.1

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Just a quick video, since the update has been active for a couple of days – I figured, let’s go through the details, and I’ll give you my thoughts on what the changes mean for us.


  1. [Players] where are the British Battleships!?

    [Wargaming] blitz pass is still going

    [players] oh

    • Fun and games with Terry

      lol… although it’s been like this before, even when they didn’t have the pass yet, and were just running early access events.

  2. Deltawarship Delta

    Well WG missed that the mino and the British light cruiser aren’t HE spammers……….so the battle honors are a bit Brocken like “ignite 100 fires”or something in the same style……

    • Fun and games with Terry

      they had the same problem with the German CAs. I think it’s just a bug in the description, and all damage counts, but I’ll check.

  3. It is now actually possible to win by reaching 1000 points.

  4. The United States Of America

    So no British battleships until April…………..
    The Des Moines gets a radar……..well time to grind down my American heavy cruiser line.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’m actually wondering if I should reset my captain for battlefield support, given the extra minute. Although CVs keep avoiding me in my DM like the plague, no idea why…

    • The United States Of America

      @Fun and games with Terry I personally would do that because with a extra minute a Des Moines can do a lot more. “Although CVs keeping avoiding me in my DM like the plague, no idea why…” Oh Terry 😂😂

  5. “We updated their armor mechanism to make them closer to turtleback armor. We did this by adding another special ‘turtleback armor’ penetration check after a hit penetrates. If the penetration does not go through the turtleback armor penetration, it will only deal half of the damage.”

    Here’s an explanation for German armor that WG put on discord.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Thanks! I somehow missed that…

      so, in practice: on impact, shell penetration gets checked against the armour module. On a full pen, it then gets checked against the turtleback armour. If it gets through, we probably then get the citadel check, if it has impacted in the right area, otherwise, we revert the full pen to a semi-pen.

      This would also mean that turtleback armour will be effective at any range, which makes sense in that Blitz doesn’t have “effective armour” angles.

  6. Nice changes by me. Hopefully people will play cruisers and hunt dd more. Better DD patrols make BBs more confident.

    • I try to hunt DD in my cruisers both light and heavy. Usually my team doesn’t care that DD exist… Even when they get hit by 6 torps and just keep straight ling steaming. Run into teams where it’s not a team.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      We might start seeing more cruisers in top tiers, it’s already been better with the USN CLs.

    • Yeah I’ve switched to cruisers now. Playing a battleship at tier 9 and 10 is exceedingly difficult considering torps, flamethrower cl/ca, lack of scouting, then the 12+km ranges.. Though 50% are center cap.. Hate center cap.

  7. Oh yeah!!!! LETS GOO!!!! My german BB got got buffed!!!!

  8. I like how they buffed the secondaries for the German battleship’s its really OP in close quarter Bismarck is already dominating in tier 8

  9. An Terry didn’t touch on with 3. 1 wargaming stopped supporting any phone lower then ISO 5. 0 an now a good many players no longer can play

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’m not an Apple user, but iOS 5 has been out of support since 2015, which means it hasn’t received any updates or security patches for 5 years. iOS 6 still runs on iPhone 3. I think that’s a fair call to make tbh.
      I know not everyone can afford new devices, but you can get a pre-owned iPhone 6 for 75 AUD off eBay. There are premium ships in the game that cost more.

      An unfortunate reality in the gaming sector is that hardware becomes obsolete, and the mobile device sector even more so. I’m on Android – OS updates and support for older devices is patchy at best. As a software engineer, I know how much work goes into supporting old versions – the testing effort alone is expensive.

    • @Fun and games with Terry I prefer Android. I will never buy apple for the fact that they can just brick your phone whenever they want. They have all control. You just happened to pay a $1000 ” rental fee”.

  10. Fletcher is on the sea floor crying in the fetal position.

  11. What is you favorite tier ten ship

  12. Bro 64% is too low that’s almost critically low for your phone 🤨

  13. I’m playing the Marblehead right now and I’m even dominating Pensacola’s lol. Aobas are tougher but doable. Playing Marblehead for training a new commander for CA line. I have double steering on it and I’m almost quick turning like a DD lol. It’s fun and I can punish BBs and force misses on me due to my fast turn time.

  14. Took them 2 years to add a minute 😂
    Bismarck might be fun now in randoms.. but grind from t3… no no no 🤣
    Shima with smoke is even more annoying.. just lets more people play dd.. like we dont have enough already
    Mino is nerf‘d down from 2 to 1 sonar
    It suffers already greatly by pure ap shells and people dont run torps that much/cant be aggressiv like a dd

    • Fun and games with Terry

      only 26 years until we’re at PC levels 🙂

      Yes, Shima gets a smoke, but there are heaps more radars around, with DM, the Pan-Asians etc. I’m not yet sure how big a buff that’s really going to be in the end.

      Mino didn’t have sonar before, did she? Defensive AA and smoke? Or does my memory play tricks on me?

    • Fun and games with Terry
      Just watched your APCS vid again, your right mino didnt have sonar befor

  15. Sangeeta Srivastava

    I am super excited for Royal Navy, I will update my game as fast as possible..
    But I don’t think that there was any need to increase citadel damage for all guns with a calibre of 437 mm.
    Is there any news for French BBs ?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I don’t think anything has changed for French BBs. Yama and Musashi got a buff, but well, they are the biggest guns in the game, so I’m ok with that. You’re going to have to wait for the RN line a little, since they’re for sure not adding that while the Blitz pass is still going 🙂

  16. Wow didn’t realize terry already hit 1k subs, keep up the good work!(I dunno which line to grind on since I’m almost near the end for german battleships, could you suggest some lines to grind on?)

  17. AA need buff, CV is cancer in top tier 🙁

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Hmm, depends. A Des Moines with defensive AA active shreads through tier 10 planes.

    • @Fun and games with Terry I play moskva with defensive AA I can’t even safe myself. Mostly in Asia server 99.99% chance to face CV.

  18. Hey Terry! I’m not sure if I should do the British cruiser branch or the French one.. Currently, for the British cruisers I’m at tier VIII, and for the French cruiser line I’m at tier VII. Which one should I do? Thank you, and great video! 🙂

  19. *Try out the new buff for curry pls*

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