World of Warships Blitz – Update 4.2

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Still going to be a couple of days, but there’s a lot of good stuff in this update, in my opinion.

Patch notes:


  1. First!
    Wish they would’ve buffed RU BBs too :/

  2. Yeahhh

  3. Jochanan Ergantheo

    Finally!! CV bugs are fixed

  4. Yay no lag torping no I can play my yugumo

  5. its really nice that they fixed a lot of the cv bugs, but unfortunately they missed a bug commonly referred by the community to as ”Saipan”

  6. Enzo Luis Asuncion

    Finally they fix lag torping because even you dodge the torpedoes between them you’ll still get damage for some reason… Especially against CVS…

  7. Im very scarce on blueprints, hearing about the universal blueprints made me extremely happy 😀

    • Tony Herrington

      I have 3 t10 and 2 t9 researched and waiting for prints…

    • Ive got over 1300 unopened crates… Id pass you some if i could!!

    • @Wheels-n-Tires same. Sitting over 2k, and wish there was a way to disperse it to fleet mates who need them. Maybe a trade feature could make it into the game. They’d probably make more money with people buying free xp to make the trades.

  8. ooooh cv issue fixed, KHABA USER REJOICE!!!

  9. Michael Kovacic

    Those new Russian destroyers seem very interesting. I havent finished grinding the British ones yet, but opening a second front right now seems like a good idea

  10. Anthonluis ortega

    I got a question did they added a report system on cheaters? If not the update is useless. tbh

  11. 12th may is end of fasting

  12. Kabita Sengupta

    When will it be released??

  13. Seems good 😁

  14. That’s so nice. Let’s play Khabarovsk‼︎

  15. Gerhardt Von Scharnhorst

    All the changes are welcoming except for the CV buffs………(except maybe for the Hiryuu I think that carrier needed some love) well at least they didn’t buff the Saipan…..Could have been worse.

  16. Ever since I got the Blyscawica I’ve been VERY excited for the EU Destroyer release. Glad to hear it’s right around the corner. Underwater missiles, decent AA and decent guns? Yes please.

  17. Imagine I just found out about the CV plane speed bug😭 I only have like 5 days to enjoy overpowered Japanese torpedoe planes

  18. Not only do they not fix the biggest bug “existence of CVs”, they buffed them, making them even more bugged.

    • Lmao where tf do u see they buffed them…
      lag torps and return buff being gone is a huge nerf

    • @Go Away Dive bombers get reduced dispersion and reduced prep time. The fire chance was stupid high already, now it’s guaranteed with more bombs hitting and more often. I seldom see the lag issue being that big of an advantage for CVs in my games.

  19. Thanks for the recap

  20. I’m still surprised that the French destroyers have not been added yet. I was kind of hoping to see them come soon.

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