World of Warships Blitz – US light cruiser “Cleveland” review

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After figuring out the Brooklyn, it’s time for tier 8 – and I don’t say that lightly, but the Cleveland might be a bit OP. But hey, it’s a tech tree ship, so everyone can get one!

AnsiaOrchestra – Epic Battle Theme
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Tactic by underwaterbeats


  1. I loved that ship, I’m at the Seattle right now

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve only been at the receiving end of Seattles (and Worcesters) so far, which has been … interesting. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the line, but the Cleveland, I might keep around for divisions – she’s just such a great tier 8, you can pair her with anything.

    • Yes cleve is a keeper

  2. Very usefull and helpfull also terry what do you think about the Lyon with 4×4 main guns do you think its worth grinding for ?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      argh sorry, didn’t pay attention. I had the stats of the pre-dreadnaught Republique in my list, not the one in the game (which… didn’t really exist, I guess? Haven’t looked much into French BBs). So scratch the 280mm belt.

    • According to the wargaming wiki:

      République is a fabricated design by WarGaming, but many elements of her design have roots in actual French battleship design and post-war armament designs.
      All of her secondary and anti-aircraft armaments were guns that were mounted on various post-war ships. Her 127 mm/54 Mle 1948 guns were mounted on the De Grasse and Colbert-class cruisers, as well as the T47 and T53-class destroyers. The dual 57 mm/60 ACAD Mle 1951 AA guns were also mounted on the same classes, as well as on the battleship Jean-Bart and a few Swedish and Dutch ships.
      Historical Inaccuracies

      République is actually the name of a pre-dreadnought battleship that was built in the early 1900s. No other ship in the French Navy has inherited the name ever since.
      République is modelled in a fictional 1957 configuration. The ship’s dazzle camouflage is actually the historical camouflage of Richelieu, which she only wore during World War II. Being a post-war ship, République would have carried no camouflage. Her paint scheme would likely be a medium gray hull with light gray upperworks like Jean Bart.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      @Nathan Andrews well, to be fair, the French were kinda out of the war early on, and didn’t really build much stuff… still, always irritating when they full-on make things up. I’ve spent ages trying to track down the Ernst Gaede, because she just doesn’t fit in, or the Yorck.

    • The French realized BBs were obsolete after the war and focused on CAs and DDs. Wows legends seems to be utopia in this regard, they only have 8 tiers but all the ships were actually built. Also, switching commander skills costs nothing and no skycancer.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I have to play more Legends. My son has an XBox, so I can occasionally snatch a game when he’s not using it 🙂

      As for BBs, I think everyone pretty much gave up on those, once they realised skycancer wipes them clean out. In that regard, you could even say Wows is somewhat accurate 😛

  3. The United States Of America

    I absolutely love my Brooklyn but I’m seriously looking forward to sailing around in the Cleveland, primarily because she’s a tad bit OP

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Very dangerous ship, and absolutely terrifying for DDs. If I was in a DD and had the choice to fight an Edinburgh or one of those things, I’d go up against the Brit any day.

    • The United States Of America

      @Fun and games with Terry definitely. if I was the last ship on my team in a DD and there was Cleveland on the enemy time I would just run and hide in the corner of the map and wait for a draw.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      lol, true. Although it still depends on the player – I’ve seen Clevelands yoloing and getting torped by DDs at close range, which just goes to show that no matter how OP something is, it’s no match for potatoes 🙂

    • The United States Of America

      @Fun and games with Terry that’s why whenever I play DD I pray that everyone on the enemy time are potatoes

  4. Worcester is much worth the grind

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve faced one in my Des Moines the other day, and would have had a hard time winning that fight (BBs shut me down before it came to it).

    • Fun and games with Terry if I get into a 1v1 with a Des at close to medium range, my Worcester will actually out AP dmg the Des, I thought to myself this guy probably isn’t the best player but when I jumped in my Des monies and faced a Worcester I got put down

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’ve had trouble reliably penning the Worcester with the DM’s AP, which really reduces its effectiveness. Not sure if it was my aim or their armour – have yet to fight one at closer range.

    • Fun and games with Terry avoid fighting them at close range, if he starts loading AP then you have no chance

  5. I love to zig zag in Cleveland and just make it rain?
    I LOVE to get behind an enemy BB line a pop away?
    The BBs always hesitate to concentrate on a CA moving fast & twisting.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      and for a good reason. It’s really hard to hit a manoeuvring cruiser at their max range, if they know what they’re doing, and you’ll end up wasting salvo after salvo that you’ll only do one or two hits with. In a BB, when I’m faced with such situations, I often disengage and find something better to shoot at.

      That’s one advantage the Soviet CAs have – some of their range can match BBs.

  6. My favorite cruiser in the game so far, though I’ve not played Seattle or Worcester. Great video!

  7. I’m having Fun With Brooklyn

  8. Insane Shape Shifter

    U.S.S. Cleveland famous motto:
    You can’t run, You can’t hide
    But you can die.

  9. I finished the whole line and this line is my favorite. I just love sitting behind islands and setting bbs on fire again and again. Its so funny to see bbs use their kits when i set them on fire once. Then I just triple fire them and they get so mad. I usually get around 10 fires per game. Also what are your thoughts on the Huang He. I can’t play her at all and I find that she has terribly few guns and her torpedoes are not that good. Am I just playing her wrong because I have alot of trouble playing this thing. Or is she just a bad ship?

  10. There would have been a lot of this class in the Pacific had 9 of them not been converted as hulls to the Independence Class light carriers by none other than FDR. I really like this ship especially with the enhanced HE CDR skill on Kincaid.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I have yet to get Mr. Kincaid to that level, but certainly looking forward to it. I wasn’t aware of that part of her history, interesting! Currently reading through “Neptune’s Inferno”, so I might come across that still.

    • Hornfischer’s other book “The Fleet at high tide 1944-45” is good too. Thought he does a great discussion of the strengths and limitations of search radar for gunnery.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      @Brian Gregg thanks, I’ll get that one next, then, when I’m through with Inferno

  11. The Cleveland class would have been far more numerous had not 9 of the hulls not been turned into Independence Class light carriers at the direction of no less a personage than FDR.

  12. Gabriella Bonita Sukianto

    Nice review. I love German DD but hate it when I see CV or US T7 above cruiser
    One time I underestimated Cleveland. “Oh US cruiser no torps! Yay!” And I found my self sank in next minutes lol

    • Fun and games with Terry

      DD play has been getting a bit more difficult with these things around. I’ve taken on a Fiji in a gunfight in my Ernst Gaede (and almost won), but wouldn’t have lasted a minute against one of these. The meta is still very BB / DD heavy, but I’m starting to see Worcesters in tier 10, and I’d expect there to be more once people grind up the line. Which is good for the game as a whole, i suppose.

  13. Your musical interludes are pretty funny Terry! I’m grinding that line so this is very useful. Looking forward to the ship now, getting Mr. Kincaid up to speed.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Thanks, I won’t go full-on psychedelic cranked-up-to-11 McDonald’s rainbow parrot, but there are sequences that deserve a bit of a soundtrack 🙂 I’m generally recording without the in-game music, as I find it too noisy with the commentary.

  14. What is your setup are you using a gaming controller?

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I’m playing on an LG G7 (6.1” screen), onscreen controls. Often I’m playing on the go, so a controller would be clunky. I’ve heard people running the game in an emulator on PC, but my muscle memory is trained on the phone, so I’m most effective with that.

  15. Adding 1 more radar for Cleveland is very good but not very useful for Worcester. Not much destroyers want to get spotted by Worcester and thus there isn’t many chances to use radar. I also sacrifice the generalist+ skill of Kinkaid to get better sonar because I think it is more important to use the sonar for Shimakaze’s torpedoes. Cleveland need more radar but Worcester also need this Kinkaid. It is unfortunate that moving the captain to different ships need to retrain it.

    • Fun and games with Terry

      Yeah, especially that retraining gets more expensive the higher up you go. Obviously not having played the Worcester (yet), I wonder if you could make the radar work against torps instead of hyrdo. She’s got a 7.8km radar range. If you were to go for a stealth build, you could get her detection down to 7.72 (module, consumable and standard camo), which means that if you’re spotted, but can’t see who spotted you, there’s a DD guaranteed to be in your radar range. Pop the radar, light up the Shima, she’ll drop torps and try to run, which means you’ve got ample time to get out of the way.

      Pure theory, of course – not sure any sane Shima would even try a run-up against a USN CL, but if they did, they almost certainly would try to stealth torp. Take away their stealth, and they’re either running or dead.

  16. Love this ship. Been playing Helena and Cleveland quite a bit and both massive fun. Going Seattle next!

    • Fun and games with Terry

      I haven’t played the Helena, but from shooting at her, she feels less well protected. Was that a tier 7 or 8?

    • Tier 7. Basically a Brooklyn with some extras. She was quite radical when she came out as they hadn’t launched the line yet!

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