World of Warships Blitz Yamato Dodges 74 Torpedoes – 6 Destroyers

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YeahBuoy adds commentary on a match where he dodges 74 in a Yamato. There were six T10 enemy destroyers (3 Shimakaze, 3 Gearing).

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  1. Yeaaaah Buoooyyy!

  2. Sweeeeet! Dodge 82% of Torpedoes in a match! YeahBuoy is the Yoda of WOWB – “Dodge Torpedoes you will!”

  3. 74 out 90 dodged now that’s a god ?

  4. How is your arm will it be not paralysised

  5. Fun vid, I DD main, and learned a thing or two.

    • Me too?…
      I dont like playing battleships because they are too slow i think. With destroyers you can turn around a game, you see more of the battle… I simply like them more!?

  6. nice playz man

  7. shotswillhityou _

    I restarted playing blitz after 3months last week , and its fun again ?

  8. can you even dodge the carrier bombers and torpedo bombers when you alone

  9. RaPltoR Blitz News

    Like always guys this is the channel to find the best guide’s ever ?? everything I learned its because of you m8 #bestwowsblitzplayer

  10. Amir Abbas Mirshokraei

    You are really amazing player , tnx for the brilliant videos as always!
    Hope to have more of them!
    Hiro (OWA)

  11. You need to do more game play videos like this. You remind me of flambass, keep it up man.

  12. just teach them drive ur DD + LC before ur drive a BB. Every Really captain rank up like this.
    U should say BB hunt DD that my JoB.
    + Why HE? because only HE do dmg to DD

  13. You are a really good player. Whats your opinion on the current großer kurfürst? I think its been buffed again

  14. Playinbwith one hand, yet dodging walls of torps and aiming and firing, you are a beast

  15. You actually can visit and tour the Battleship Yamato. You WILL need diving gear…

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