World of Warships Blitz – Yamato Gameplay Citadel Damage 300%

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  1. Deltawarship Delta

    WG should definitely ad an option where you can see the citadel of the ship the belt armor and etc……. like in the PC version
    Pls make it happen

  2. Do you have Citadel Strike on Yamato?

  3. I want my yamato now 🤤

  4. Ricky Breckenridge

    Uchuu Senkan Yamato!

  5. ivan alejandro sierra morales

    yamato es un mountro ,,,, op lindo barco.

    • Yamato fue el primer barco que quería en mi cuenta principal. ahora es un monstruo con un daño de ciudadela del 300%

  6. SнöDöω_Öf_ ΤнΣ_DäΨ

    GK Still suck as the same

  7. Yamato and Musashi now even scarier than before

  8. Ufff mira esas ciudadelas al GK jajaja pero confio en mi GK lo amor

  9. Daniel Day-Lewdness

    I’m all over the place with my yamato, I’ll either do really well, or really bad with it.

    • I do the same I can do really good with her or really bad. In this case I was playing more of a defender instead.

  10. Whats the best tier 9-10 captain Skill for a yamato

    • Let me take a look again at what I have I’ll get back to your question in 1min

    • @RaPltoR Blitz 😢

    • @Ragnarok k oh my I forgot to answer back. Sorry 😭

    • @Ragnarok k

      Legendary Commander Isoroku Yamamoto

      1. Underwater Protection Expert
      2. Torpedo Alert
      3. Artillery Maintenance Expert+
      4. The Sixth Sense
      5. Daredevil
      6. Exploit Weakness
      7. Marksmen+
      8. Adrenaline Rush
      9. Demolition Expert+
      10. Compartment Maintenance
      11. Armor Piercing Capped Shell+
      12. Citadel Strike+

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