World of Warships – Blueprint Gearing Kraken

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Walking through a battle in the where we successfully carry for the team. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Gearing Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Uploaded 30 secs ago. First comment! first view!

  2. Awesome video! Sounds like a great new series. Keep up the good work.

  3. lol. the guy on the enemy team that got mad at the Worcester. no skill to be able to play it? It takes a ton of skill

    • I wouldn’t say a “ton”…. The most skillful part of the Worcester is leading your low-caliber shells and positioning, things many other ships also require. While it’s certainly not braindead gameplay, its low concealment coupled with radar makes it pretty hard to punish without teamwork.

    • Cameron G. I can understand him for flaming a wooster. It’s OP and annoying to play against..
      even though flaming still sucks.

    • Wooster relies on the map it gets also the tea that it is in. It loses just like every other ship

    • Camping isn’t even what Worchester does best. It can be great in open water too, if you’re not getting tag-teamed. Trouble is there’s no margin for error. In my book, any BB is braindead gameplay. You only have to make a decision about what to shoot once every 30 seconds, and you’re nearly guaranteed to do massive damage. I still have no reservations about saying I’d take Worchester against any ship in the game, one-on-one.

    • if you think BBs are brain dead, you arent playing them properly. and you are in no way guaranteed massive damage. Quite the opposite in most cases. CAs are much more consistent damage dealers.

  4. I’m not nearly as good with my Gearing, but I’ve also arrived at the exact same configuration you used here by trial and error, so I guess I’m at least doing something right.

  5. Sounds like replay analysis that Flamu does periodically. Cool.

  6. Joselito Sto Tomas

    I’ve been using the Gearing as a torp boat with the same configuration. Works even better with the legendary mod.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this kind of viedos. They are great. More pleeeeease!!!!

  8. Really liked this content and good idea for a series!

  9. Love this kind of video Notser, Great new series for you (and us) I hope! 😀

  10. Awesome, these are the kinds of videos I really enjoy watching.

  11. Pull a Notser: Tactical Beaching

  12. Im sorry notser for u having to open up 250 royal navy containers for the lightning mission. I bought 5 and unlocked it 3 containers lol.

  13. Notser, great video and great concept. Thanks for sharing your thought process. It’s great to compare with my own.

  14. Nice idea for a series. Looking forward to future installments. Hope you can do some from differing tiers from 4 or 5 up.

  15. As i’m far removed from your skill level, i would LOVE more videos like this, so I can learn stuff and get better! Good stuff Notser!

  16. Didn’t see many enemy radar ships until the Cleveland at the end. I personally struggle in my gearing when there are 4 or 5 enemy radar ships and everyone camps, especially early in the match when I try to cap. This was a great video, but I’d love to see a video where Notser blueprints how to deal with radar heavy MM.

  17. Can yo make a vid about a regular game?So often my team dies in 5 minutes and im in a Zao running away from 2 Yamatos and Shimas and dont know what to do. Most of the time im alone becuase our DDs die in the first 2 minutes and my bbs are camping. What would you recommend in this kind of situation?
    I had so many onesided games where i couldnt do anything.

  18. Hey notser. I only discovered your channel recently and really like the way that you don’t always play ‘perfect’ games but talk about the mis-plays as well.

  19. 7:20 “…better concealment THAN the distance in smoke.” Than is comparative. Then is temporal. I like ice cream better THAN peanut butter (comparative). I will go to the movies, then I will go to the restaurant (temporal–suggesting time). Ty 🙂 Nice vids.

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