World of Warships – Blup blup blup on 2 brothers

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No need for introduction you know what’s coming, just kick back and enjoy the show because this match will be a crazy show.
I would just like to mention 2 things before you watch:
1. My voice is barely holding because I was casting Shipstrom tournament for 2 days before this
2. Player which I call out for stream sniping (sync dropping) has been in my games few times that day, always in a CV, always in enemy team and always going for me from start to finish. Ofc it might just be a coincidence but come on.


  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    That was the best Kraken ever 😀

  2. Srsly WG should make a wooden sign in the middle wich says: “Flambass was here” 😀

  3. The ending was absolutely ridiculous 😀

    • So not deserved it…. but the thing is, Flambass knows it was not deserved and is laughing as much about it as we are.

    • @57thorns

      the dd player set smoke a second befor the torps were in detection range.
      and he got just enough hp taken by the salvo from the cruiser/bb (dont know which) to make a single torp lethal.

      its dumb luck but many people get wins with it.

    • The last enemy dd was not lucky because he was disabled making him not evade torps.

  4. Excellent ending. He who lives by the torpedo dies by the torpedo. D.

  5. No mercy for that stream sniper eh?

    • The question is:
      Does the person look at the stream to gain intel on the enemy, or just go after the famous player on the other team?

      The first is cheating, and what I thought stream sniping is.

      The second is stupid, given that you are not going after easier or more important targets given the tactical situation. It is also doubly stupid if you take risks doing it, as it would show everyone how bad you are.

  6. I feel dirty just watching that ending. You filthy Kraken ho’.

  7. What an ending!
    Admire your honesty
    “i was greedy… i could have dodged but i was greedy”
    Never Bullshitt yourself. Good on ya.

  8. Flambass: “Oh, well… no Kraken for me…”

    *gets Kraken anyway

    The only thing sweeter would have been to take out the CV to get your Kraken 🙂

  9. somehow when I see Flambass’ starting position, I think: “two hills and a valley… two mothers?”???

  10. That endin is why i love flambass??

  11. Tearnofear is wrong it should says: Check Your enemy, if there is Flambass, You shall no pass!

  12. Holy fuk that final kill for kraken was epic! I had tears in my eyes from laughing!

  13. How can I turn down a Flambass video on ‘Two Brothers’?

  14. That cruiser was hella greedy. Just ram the Dd and go all in.
    No chill no manners.

  15. This thing is PUKING torpedos left and right (literally).
    And oh my god that ending was fire man!

  16. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    The end is a whole new dimension of “No luck, all skill!”.. 😀

  17. Well, that’s it for me…

    Torpedo finds the dd for the Kraken.


  18. HardTarget Jimmy

    Mr Flambass, what build and commander skills you use with this ship?

  19. This is a torpedo boat, shima is a joke!

  20. Dat ending…. wowsers! 😀 Good on ya, Flambass!!

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