World of Warships – Blup blup blup TORPS EVERYWHERE

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USN tier 9 DD Benham is an amazing torp boat, just like Somers at 0 will be. Seems like we are getting a whole bunch of designated torp/gun boats soon.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. that title 😀 so good. keep up the good work man.

  2. Unfortunately I’ve been super busy and out of town last few days so I had no time to make FwH yet, will fill you in when I get the chance. In the meantime you get a lot of…khm…sinking sounds xD

    • that’s ok Flambass the blup blup blup was hilarious thank you . Flambahugs
      Ps…… I am crap in DD’s but I want this ship 😉 Oh those glorious Torps. blup blup blup . .

  3. I love how flambass manages to tie down more than a half of the enemy team ALONE, while the other flank takes ages to win.. 😀

    • They did him the favor of pushing together, all nice bunched up down some narrow and predictable channels. Also the enormous torp power then Benham has there helped a lot with that.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      tupical tactic about this map

    • It’s all part of WG’s master plan. CV rework eliminates almost all DD competition that you can’t handle with your lacking 4 guns, pushes them all into BB’s and CA’s. Then nerf’s flooding damage so now WG thinking mass torps is fine, and then when no CV shows up to counter them, and no DD”s are playing anymore to counter them, all their “balance” is gone, and this shit happens. Great work WG, masterfully planned. Wanna play high tier DD’s? Buy a premium, otherwise your just CV fodder.

  4. TB digital design

    Its time for: “Blubb Blubb Blubb!”……:-)

  5. Enemy wants to push from C to B
    Flambass: not on my watch.

  6. Objective: Spot 8 enemy torpedoes.
    Player (2 minutes in): Success!

  7. I’ll face your Benham in Akizuki anyday ;p

  8. 8 min. into the game, 14 gun hits, 15 torp hits, 180K dmg and 3 kills… ROFL :o)

  9. World of Warships Magna


    Are anti-torpedo maneuvers? No, not heard)))”*

  10. Reading the caption: WTF
    After watching : XDDDDDDDD
    Man that thing is a shimakaze at tier 9 ffs , a bit better though

  11. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    Who would’ve win?

    A lemmingtrain of bbs and cls
    One torp spammer boi

  12. It’s the Clemson on MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF STEROIDS

  13. Ship literally only good when you are defending against an enemy that is pushing. Important to be on the right side of the map.

  14. Probably a team full of CV haters wishing there was a squadron of planes near you.

  15. flambes how do you feel is the game covering your expectations ?????

  16. 8 torps every 25 seconds… that’s not broken at all. Enemy team probably thought they had both DDs on the flank that was just Flambass.

  17. Conception of Benham :
    Engineer : So, how many torp launchers do you want on this ship ?
    US Navy : Yes

    Also, Bismarck seeing wave after wave of torps comming every 20 sec :
    “This is fi- blblblblblbl…”

  18. WG: “We won’t be re-adding Kitakaze into the game, because that many torps is straight-up cancer.”
    Also WG: *Adds Benham*

  19. Flambass, thank you for your videos. I’m playing much better since I started watching. You’ve helped me so much! Thanks!

  20. Surely that torp reload time is getting nerfed before release?

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