World of Warships – Blyskawica Devastator

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Blyskawica on Trident moves forward to see if any enemy shows up. Our team runs into a couple enemy destroyers, I take a chance on a blind send of torpedoes. The enemy appears to be able to avoid the torpedoes until the unexpected occurs. I move forward and keep the pressure up on the enemy with torpedoes, guns, and aggression. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Destroyer Blyskawica Replay


  1. The pronounciation is different, Mr. Slater

  2. What’s my baby, the Fletcher like in 0.6.0?

  3. cool double strike

  4. Hey Notser, I’m currently looking to buy a premium destroyer, but I’m
    having a hard time deciding between this and the lenningrad.
    Which one is more forgiving for an average player?

  5. Su much luck in one game! Awesome. BUT: it needs someone who has the balls
    to exploit it. So well done! BTW: I love this ship to pieces.

  6. Demolition Expert or AFT

  7. at the moment Blyskawica is for sale on the Europa server

  8. I hope the RN DDs play a lot like this except with single fire torps.

  9. BOI-Skawica XD

  10. I love this ship…despite me not being much of a DD captain, I love
    playing this thing. Would anyone else agree it’s a good DD for learning the
    ropes in DD gun boats at tier 7? I love taking out Mahan’s at range and
    getting close with IJN DD’s, imo best teir 7 DD tier for tier

  11. My Polish Monster has BFT, LS, EM, SI, AFT and CE. Yes that is a 17 point
    commander but it is a nightmare for the enemy team to deal with.

  12. Käse “Käsekuchen” Kuchen

    Hey Notser, did you know, that when you press ctrl+x or shift+x to lock
    your guns on a bearing and then switch to your torpedo launchers, you can
    rotate and launch torpedos without turning your gun turrets? I just found
    out recently and I hope you can get use out of this information! (I had
    some situations where it was really useful, e.g. when I had an artillery
    duel with an enemy DD to my port side when I was in my Hatsuharu and I
    launched torps off to a fairly close BB to my starboard side. I was able to
    turn the launchers around while keeping my guns locked on the enemy DD.
    Then after launching the torps I could fire again without having to wait
    for the guns to return after looking the other way.)

  13. That was fun to watch! I know you called it luck but you really showed some
    great intuitions with your torps, Notser. ….going to go watch that double
    strike again!

  14. Four devastating strikes? Wow man,that was impressive play.

  15. LeonaTimberCompany

    I will do you one better. Fired my Benson torps into smoke right before I
    died. Got 2 destroyers for Double Strike, 2 Devastating Strikes and 2 It’s
    just a Flesh Wounds! Was friggin awesome!

  16. There can be a Full Polish Line, Just use Blueprints. Well, Use as many as
    you can. Maybe not a Full Line of Ships but maybe a half completed one.

  17. I love the Blyskawica. My only real complaint is that they modeled this on
    the real Blyskawica, which is best known for defending a small town from
    numerous air attacks, but gave it such crap AA in the game! Eh.

    I’m actually running the same captain build as you are in this video; AFT
    might be nice, but there’s still a usable stealth window as is and with
    those 7 guns you can get a lot of fires going with DE. Once I grind the
    15th point I’m sure it’ll be even nicer…although the new captain skills
    system will probably launch before that so whatever.

  18. Hey Notser, there is a little something I wanted you to look into and
    discuss in the near future, about the new commander skill rework.
    Someone posted a table of the new experience requirements for each
    commander skill point, and basically to get a 10 point commander in the new
    system, you’ll need about the same amount of commander experience (a little
    more, actually) that you currently need to get a 15 point commander. So
    it’s not like they removed the 5th tier of commander skills, more like they
    actually removed the 4th tier. This basically means that a regular player
    (no premium account other than the occasional reward, no premium grinding,
    using signal flags) still won’t get their 4 point skill (previously 5
    point) until late tier 8 – mid tier 9 (I only unlocked my 5th point for my
    IJN DD line on the Kagero, now Yuugumo, but then I played it since the
    beginning of my account and I didn’t use signal flags for over half of my
    WoWS play time, another 5 pointer I have is the Bismarck, which I unlocked
    around the end of the Gneisenau, but I actively ground for it with premium
    account and dragon flags while I was playing the Gnei). This means that
    people will be playing most of their early tiers with only 3 skills on the
    Adding to that, some really important tier 4 skills like AFT and CE won’t
    be seen together where they are now, because to have 2 tier 4 skills you’d
    need 14 points which is 579k experience which is pretty unrealistic – this
    is something that person will get after they are done with the line and
    playing only the T10s. Remember – this is assuming someone without all the
    tools we have at our disposal to grind those skills up.
    Apparently, our current commanders will supposedly keep their current
    amount of skill points, which will make them quite OP in the new system,
    but when a new line is released we will feel the difference when training a
    new captain, and someone just starting the game wil feel it even more.
    Seems a bit pushy towards the ‘pay’ side of things in my opinion

  19. Holy Kraken bro
    Awesome game Awesome Game

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