World of Warships – Blyskawica Menace

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It has been a long time since I played in the Blyskawica, decided to give it a go and the game was wonderful. Hope you have a great day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Polish Blyskawica Replay – Discord Server


  1. First! Sadly this ship has been power crept into into oblivion.

  2. Being Polish and listening to this pronunciation is difficult.

  3. I love the blys! But she needs a buff, bad. Faster reload, better conceal, idk.

    • I’d love that t8 concealment module on my Błyski….

    • It used to be godtier with that bullshit invisible firing. So glad its out of the game.

    • There is no such thing as concealment module for Blys

    • The main battery firing rate and rudder shift need a buff. I can deal with its concealment as it is more similar to Soviet DDs than anything else in the game. It’s silly that a purpose designed gunboat had a reload time comparable to IJN torpedo boats.

    • I agree. I pull it out of the port yesterday for the first time since a long time and really feel the lack of maneuverability. And the firing rate felt slow.

  4. This ship got kinda forgotten, but its still quite strong and can hold its own, even in the light cruiser-meta currently, sadly its also kind pf a victim of powercreep 🙁
    But still, I really don’t know, why its played so less in the last few months. Thanks for showing it on the channel 🙂

  5. I remember the last time I played this ship. It was before IFHE was a thing in game, and I had a game where I had 400+ hits…and no fires. At all.

    Watching you get 227 hits and 14 fires… Please excuse me while I rage myself into an early grave! 😛

    • Have you used all the increased chance to cause fires you can get? And have you targeted sections of enemy ships that weren’t on fire already?
      I mean, the fire chance was even higher before IFHE was introduced because Demolition Expert was nerfed, and 7 times 11% chance (was 12% before the nerf) every 6.5 seconds is quite good for a DD imo. 😛

    • “Have you used all the increased chance to cause fires you can get?”

      “And have you targeted sections of enemy ships that weren’t on fire already?”

      Yup. I literally gunned down a Tirpitz from 100% with 0 fires. No-one else was firing at this guy.
      It’s incredibly frustrating when someone plays so poorly that they let you do that, but RNG just says “nope”.
      Looking back, I really should have just cut my losses after a few volleys and gone elsewhere.

      “I mean, the fire chance was even higher before IFHE was introduced because Demolition Expert was nerfed, and 7 times 11% chance (was 12% before the nerf) every 6.5 seconds is quite good for a DD imo. :P”

      Oh yeah, unless RNG says “NO! NO FIRES FOR YOU MOTHERTRUCKER!”.

  6. I cant use that x on the mini map because the x jumps from one end of the line to the other.
    Is anyine else having this problem

  7. The ship really struggles more than most dds in tier 9 game due to its concealment. It can’t really torp or contest caps and even long range shooting gets you punished. The whole balance of the ship was designed around the old stealth firing and it has never been buffed since.
    For players who have had it a long while it’s ok but only because they don’t have a level 1 to 3 captain. Due to needing a high level captain to make the ship work on the only Polish ship in wows I think it is a poor buy nowadays.

  8. 3:20 You forget ZAO! Zao can engage anything at max gun range, and then go stealth and drop 10x 12 km torpedoes per side!

  9. 4:45 Oh hells yeah it influnces accuracy! That is why I have used the Mod since day 1!

  10. I use ifhe on mine so I can penetrate 25mm armor and ships like Colorado melt under sustained fire. Once I got 50K damage on one Colorado.

  11. That damn A cap and the friendlies that blow straight into it when they have numbers and then slow up to chill! It’s like they swarm to it knowing how safe they will be and they feel so good because they’re pushing and capping and “doing good things for the team.” But they aren’t, they are taking themselves out of the game and abandoning all the other teammates not in A.

    If a red ship hasn’t appeared to contest the cap by the time your dds are capping and taking it clearly then you are not needed there. Stop, turn to B cap and engage. Move through the island gap, stop, reverse and pivot if you have to. Whatever, please, just get your ship back in the game as quickly as you can. Thank you. (beatty_10)

  12. not only soviet cruisers, the Zao as well

  13. A cap – no enemies detected.

    • BB players are particularly good at doing that.

    • Some people are always taking the path of least resistance, skirting the battlefield at 1/2 speed, no intention to go towards the enemy and take the focus off the rest of their team – truly sad.

  14. You can get the odd good game in this DD but they’re far and few between, it used to depend on it’s stealth firing to get loads of it’s damage and it never got any kind of buff when they removed stealth firing. This would have been more genuine if you’d explained how much of a nerf it took when they removed stealth fire rather than paint it as a great DD when in fact you have a very good game in it and you’re a good player. Most people will NOT enjoy this kind of game very often if ever…….

  15. I love my Blyska, had it for ages though – captain skills, including IFHE are a must imo, but you made this work. By the way Notser I love how you talk about what your thinking or doing, its one of the reasons I have watched your chan for so long, loving your work – thank you 🙂

  16. 14 fires…good to be unicum CC… Thanks man.

  17. I agree with the direction DDs are being pushed… I hate how useless I feel in my Fubuki when cruiser after cruiser dodges my torps at last second.. the detection range on them is ridiculous.. German torps have both the speed and distance.. Make IJN DDs great again!

  18. I still love my Blys. I think it needs a concealment buff and/or a turret traverse buff though. I still have no problems mowing through most DDs up to tier 8 I run into and the AP can citadel almost all of the light cruisers I run across. Where I struggle most is when I get jumped by tier 9 DDs.

  19. I did enjoy seeing that. I think most would credit you for being the turning point for your team, after that silly start. I kept thinking that had you positioned 2-3km further NE or NNE, it would have provided island protection and set you up for torpedos but with your performance in this game, it might have just been flipping the coin, one type of damage for another.

  20. this build doesn’t concealment expert nor last stand? wow…

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