World of Warships: Blyskawica – New Polish Destroyer

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Blyskawica, the new Polish destroyer, on the map Two Brothers. This is from before the patch where she was still tier 6, but now she’s a tier 7 destroyer. She is an excellent ship and I had a great game with her. The torpedoes are usable, the guns are great, the hp is nice. The main downside is her concealment range, but she can still fire undetected if skilled properly.


  1. Hey Aerroon, since the Blyskawica is in the game, do you think that
    Wargaming will put in the HMCS Haida as a premium as well? HMCS Haida is a
    Tribal-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII
    and the Korean War. She served in the Arctic convoys just after her
    commissioning in 1943. In 1944, she was assigned to the 10th Destroyer
    Flotilla in an effort to clear the English Channel of German submarines,
    destroyers, and torpedo boats before D-Day. Haida served out the rest of
    WWII in the flotilla and in Korea after recieving extensive renovations,
    she became a member of the Trainbusters. By the time she was decommissioned
    in 1963, she had sunk more enemy tonnage than any other Canadian warship.
    She currently is a museum ship in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The reason why
    I brought this up is because in 2010, Haida and Blyskawica were “twinned”
    in a ceremony because they are the only remaining ships from the 10th
    Destroyer Flotilla. Also, I’m a Canadian.

  2. Does stranger123 have a YouTube channel? I’d like to see more in your
    friend group, the bigger guys like phly and baron dont post as much
    Warships as you

  3. How do you get this ship?


  5. Seems like a nice little toy a bit like a mix of high Tier us and russian

  6. finally polish ship, I was waiting for it so long =D

  7. WG pls nerf strangers123

  8. The best thing about this ship? No ugly skin.

  9. No annotation link?

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