World of Warships – Blyskawica Review – Poland Stronk!

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I will go over the ships stats, recommended modules, captains skills and also some gameplay footage. The Blyskawica in its current form is in my opinion the best tier 7 destroyer in the game. It’s got all the positives of the Russian and US destroyers. Hopefully by the end of the video you will know everything about the Blyskawica, her strengths and her weaknesses. So sit back, relax and enjoy 🙂

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  1. Arrrgh! Really wish I’d bought this ship now. It has been taken down from
    the EU store is seems :(

  2. Mihai Herzbruckner

    Happy new year, folks! :)

  3. Is a Polish line planned or will it just be the one premium ship?

  4. Chase I hope this ship is an indication of what we can expect from royal
    navy destroyers, as this was given to the polish navy by the royal navy.
    What do you think.

  5. Nice boat

  6. Is it worth actually going down the russian lane? The low tier dds are
    terrible and i like destroyers but is it worth it?

  7. Happy new year chase! I loved this ship when i first played it on EU, and i
    still play it way more as the Tirpitz because its so fun to play because
    you can take more as 1 rol. The only problem i have had with this ship is
    that my magazin explodes a lot.

  8. christopher tucker

    Chase please do a review on the izumo I’m struggling to play her:( also
    happy new year

  9. Insanely OP, kinda like Murmansk on Tier 5…I hate going against that

  10. Tnx for the tip on the lever 4 cap skills, i didnt really even consider
    Demolition for a DD, i choosed training instead for the range but
    i think you are right, with that many guns and the rate off fire the
    Demolition one is the one to go with.

  11. Good to see that you are putting up reviews again! I always enjoy and
    deeply consider what you have to say about any ship in question, and I’m
    looking forward to seeing more reviews from you in future.

  12. Guys one question if I am in a destroyer should I use AP shells on another

  13. Lol this is mildly P2W

  14. Are these still available on the SEA servers or not?

    It seems they’ve gone already -_-

    Annoying, as I wanted a good T7 prem destroyer >=(

  15. During a beautiful starry night, on a calm glassy sea, it sure looks like…

    Poland CAN into space! Na Zdrowie!

  16. I bought a Blyskawica on Christmas Day and I very much enjoy her. She’s
    great for farming free XP and credits, I love her speed and her guns
    (though I would like a better shell arc and tougher turrets) and her
    torpedoes aren’t bad.

  17. i have a word against the new update where they Nerfed all Russian dds
    i am using the gnevny as my example is reload is 4.5 seconds 300 ÷ 4.5 =
    now if you are a battleship player and your reload is 30 sec
    66.666×30= 2000
    now all battle ship payers lets say a kongo using HE would be giving ships
    200 dmg that is some fucking bullshit i only like to shoot cruisers now
    FUCKING cruisers with ap

  18. I was just thinking the same thing about ranked.
    What begs a question now is how come the USN shells do so little damage
    with a larger caliber than this ship? WG has dev’d themselves into a
    corner. Across all DD lines WTF is with the gun differences in performance?
    Next ranked will be comprised of Tirpitz, Atago and the Blitz so get them
    now and upgrade those captains fast.

  19. Happy new Years mate .Hope this year brings you every thing you wish .

  20. nice video, if you want to see more blyskawica action check out my channel!
    (We’ve had it a while in EU!)

  21. Ok, need your help here iChase. You said demolition expert because it adds
    up to 11%. When i looked i found it works different. Like it first
    calculates if you set fire and if not it gives a 3%. Same mechanik for not
    getting set on fire (BB Skill), so basically both are worthless. What is
    right and what is wrong?

  22. The sixteenth skill point…. yeah let me just play this ship for 3
    straight days and hope I can get there

  23. I actually find the Sims to be pretty scarey gun wise, I have no issues
    fighting another dds on my ijn DD but my god the Sims, just rips me to

  24. That Old Milk Carton

    Maybe next ship review talk about Zaou? AKA best general purpose cruiser in
    the game.

  25. Not sure if it’s the players I’ve been up against, but my Benson shits on
    this DD.

  26. This ship was an Xmas present to myself. It was worth the money with the
    flags and doubloons.

  27. Kiev was nerfed last patch in 0.5.2 in terms of hitpoints reduced by
    3000…and HE damage and fire chance got nerfed

  28. Wouldn’t advanced firing training be cheaper than improved concealment and
    do more or less the same job?

  29. What mod pack did you use for the damage counter

  30. I just wish the Blyskawica had better AA

  31. +ichasegaming what kind of Crew skills would be good I the USS sims ?

  32. Really love your vids Chase. happy new year, cheers!

  33. I saw a lot of Blyskas in ranked on the EU server.

  34. I bought one – and I LOVE this ship! Great review as always!

    The AP can actually be quite good, just you generally don’t want to use it
    farther than about 9km. But against armor like Omaha, Murmansk, Pensacola,
    Furutaka, Aoba – and the like, it WILL punch through into the citadels!

  35. Great video. I don’t play DDs, but thinking of getting this ship and
    learning, only because it is well balanced in many areas and not many
    obvious weakness. Plus the price is reasonable. Happy New Year… Chase!!!!

  36. its a bit late for a review on this ship

  37. Carlos Andrés del Valle

    can you pleas make ship reviews of the dds russian line?

  38. I got this ship on the day of release because it is good value and I
    actually bought one for Raskeria and its fair to say I love this DD much
    more than the IJN line

  39. I wish to know what did that Cleveland think while being demolished by

  40. Chase are you gonna review the Kutuzov?

  41. overpowered pay to win. no drawbacks, must feel like playing on chinese

  42. Is there any chance we could see the full play of those battles you
    featured? I think it’d be interesting to see it in action from start to
    Thanks for the vid btw IC :)

  43. thanks for the review

  44. @ichase what mods are u using and can u provide links

  45. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    can you do a review of the ranger? or is it just for premium ships? Thanks

  46. ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ź ż Change title! Błyskawica ł ł ł ł :)

  47. meh you had to post this after it left the EU shop didn’t you… 😛
    but did get it as a chrimbo present for a friend, looking forward to seeing
    it in action beside me at least :)

  48. Poland can into water!

  49. the power creep is real…

  50. Nice review. Might have to buy this ship now … we’ll call it a late
    Christmas present to myself!

  51. Smashed On Buxton Mate

    Second !

  52. awesome video

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