World of Warships- Bogatyr

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Welcome back to the channel everyone! Today we are talking about the new Russian CA’s and watching some battles in the Bogatyr, not one of my favorites. Battles we done live to save some time so you’ll have to put up with my random thoughts. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes, the USSR T3 is like a St. Louis. A bit faster and 2 more guns but less
    HE. I just started the USSR Cruiser line with the Orlan. It was the 1st
    ship you got when the DD line came out. I loved it and now I just get stuck
    on the worse teams. I am trying to captain skills, do the grind and move
    up. Since I did not see any play in T1 and T2, I am guessing you bought
    through them. Looks like I will as well because even telling my team in
    text at these low tiers is useless. Ugh!

  2. When you get to the Svietlana you will probably spec last stand very soon..
    every single match i got stock in the water and my engine breaks again and
    again (glass engine)… its like low german cruiser used to be.. but when
    nobody is shooting at you is all fine 🙂 lol

  3. You look to be having the same experience with this ship I did with the St
    Louis. I could NOT for the life of me get a winning game in that ship… I
    hated every minute I spent in it, for some reason, it just never clicked
    with me.

  4. I like the “upgraded” guns on the Bogatyr. On paper they don’t look like an
    upgrade, but the shells seem to have a flatter arc and higher velocity. The
    dispersion, although listed as the same as the stock guns, seems better to
    me. You sank no ships in this video, but you did sink a mouse lol. (I hate
    when that happens.)

  5. I have notisted there is an error/mistake about this ship… Just a minor detail still it is those kind of things that matters to me when I dance around with those big bad battleships in close… if you look closely at the standard ship model in the game, They have animated/mounted 16x 75mm guns… only 12 of them are noted. 2 in a casemates in the bow of the ship and 2 on the poopdeck at the aft part of the ship. I could be mistaking as they look smaller and could just be 57mm guns… but they are still not notisted in the statics and if you do some matchs about it then 2 guns x 0.04 chance of fire x 13.3 shots means you could start 1,06 more fires a minut in close combat…

    What do you guys think?

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