World of Warships – Boise Impression

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Check out Boise, tier 7 light cruiser that will sport radar and 15 152mm guns. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Boise Replay – Discord Server


  1. Myoko with radar but no torps

  2. Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life

    USS B O I

  3. Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life

    Also, it seems like now T5 against T7 is become even more cancerous. WG please make T5 having safe MM for god sakes.

    • Giving tier III and IV safe MM is what broke the tier V MM so all this is going to do is break tier VI MM so then people will what tier VI to have safe MM and it will just go on from there till tier IX gets safe MM honestly if you take it away from the tier III and IV the MM for tier V will become much better

    • AndrejD303, playing a war game is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all ship classes. Also be careful in this “safe” reference the import bit is game not war, realism will only happen in a WAR game when you actually die if you lose.

    • Remember when that geography teacher insisted that these kinds of ships were not a threat to the fleet. Her legacy clearly still lives on with Wargaming.

    • There’s enough people playing that they should limit it to a 1 tier difference. Or if there’s enough ships in 2 minutes you just play 1 different, after 2 minutes it can go to 2 tier diff if needed

    • No, I disagree. Matchmaking shouldn’t have to change because Wargaming got drunk and put another radar ship at tier VII. That’s like buying a new car just because the radio is broken. Wargaming just need to wake up and stop doing this to their game.

  4. Notser my man…..just an FYI….Worcester is pronounced like wooster…..the “oo” as in wood not as in rooster….not wooooooooster……love your vids, always support you.

  5. Omg I just hate these premiums that are straight up better than the main line ships.

    • Orbital Vagabond

      Well, to be frank (when I used tbf, I mean “to be fair”), these are “impressions” for an unreleased vessel, not a review of a released premium. But Notser also said he expects few if any changes. So, yeah, I can see it both ways, including and not including it in the video. I think a more quantitative comparison to the Helena would improve the video, and yeah, having that next time is a good change.

    • Orbital Vagabond

      But overall, I think Notser has improved substantially over the last year. I stopped watching because I found he was a getting a little ranty, and was making supposition based on relatively unsupported statements. I’ve noticed that’s dropped off since I came back, it’s a positive change, and I’m glad I came back. So to me, the oversight seems relatively minor and having him calmly acknowledge the point is about all we should expect in fairness. Anyway, the point: I think Notser’s improved and this is relatively minor.

    • TBF(to be frank) Notser, by not explaining the stats in any detail at all and then making BS statements that the Boise is a “Helena with radar” is you being unreliable as a CC. I mean I remember how butt hurt you and all the CC’s were when WG messed with the KM DD’s just before release and therefore you all gave inaccurate stats and reviews… and understandably so. In this case… you are just straight up not being honest and glossing over the entire situation. Its like my wife saying a Ford truck is like a Chevy truck… only the Ford has a cap on it, I mean I don’t expect her to notice that the Ford is a V6 or 4wd, because she is not claiming to be an expert or anything. You are like the sales rep at the dealership doing this. I MEAN COME ON!

    • mynameiswritinwater

      well comparing Notser to a car salesperson is sort of EVIL. But not pointing out the massive problem the USS Boise has with the range of her guns (in combination with 16mm plating all around) at tier VII. I mean the range of the upcoming Tier VI – to Tier VIII CLs is their main problem and it is worst on the Boise…. /shrug

    • I love them and buy them. You can wait until Santa crates and stock up on premiums all at once plus flags and camos for cheap. Why not support a game you like?

  6. Biggest possible change, turns into a Pan American ship instead of US one.

  7. Did you just reference Star Wars?

  8. C’mon WG… switch them. Put Boise in the tech tree and make Helena the premium.

    No? Oh, so you don’t think it will sell as well, now do you?

  9. mynameiswritinwater

    Notser, please n know your ships : Mogami’s three front turrets point front ( unlike Izumo etc. ) if you play her that much, you should know better.


      If you listen to the statement he made instead of jumping on a tangent. he stated mogami OR izumo. hes referencing 3 turrets at the front, 2 of which are superfiring and the 3rd needing you to turn out at a weird angle to fire.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Which is still wrong ? Nelson and Mogami have all three turrets with guns pointing towards the bow making bowtanking side-swivelling very easy (which you cannot do on Izumo), since every turret only has to go through like 30°s of arc. Boise’s thrid turret has to go through more than 180°+ arc to come to a similar position on other side . Which was the point of Notser’s argument : the arrangement is not as good as it looks.


      then your view of it and mine are different. because I saw him use 2 ships out of a number of ships to use in the arguement. he used 2 of the better known tech tree ships. he says “its basically not as usable as often as you would like. Similar to the Mogami. Similar to the Izumo” hes generalizing, that youre more likely, whether its mogami, helena, izumo, nelson, youre quite often found using the AB turrets over the ABC together to better protect yourself. thats what i found in what he said.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      It is NOT similar to the MOGAMI. the Mogami has the easiest to use triple turret setup… (just go check Wikipedia – or your ingame Mogami). a setup the Helena flunked at least for WoW purposes… to quote “the number three turret is very reminiscent of the Mogami number 3 turret, it rotates the ooposite direction …yadda yadda ” 1:55 – 2:12 . Which is WRONG (for the Mogami). for once, please check facts, instead of just having an opinion. Thanks


      mate, I fucking know, get off your high horse. I know the mogami turret layout. and I still hear something different to you. And im entitled to have whatever opinion I desire and do not need your approval, welcome to the internet. watch it again. think more open minded, what you hear, isnt always going to be the same as someone else hears, or is the way in which someone is trying interpret something.

  10. Again… Worcester isn’t wooooster. It’s Wuhstah. #cringe LOL

  11. For all cruisers I would like to see the option to change fire modes from direct fire to plunging fire. Which is something irl they could totally do. They just adjusted the amount of propellant behind the shell and altered elevation accordingly.

  12. Oh good more cancerous radar at low tiers, as if dd did not have it hard enough already. I already see dds sitting behind cruisers nowadays due to radar heavy games. I have been playing long enough that I can remember when playing dds was a enjoyable event.

    • ArmchairWarrior

      you’re going to have to get used to it, radar exists 2-4 per side every game tier 8+. Having contingency plans keeps you alive, beit an island to duck behind, the fact your already sailing parallel and can turn away much faster than bow on to radar ships having to kite away would be difficult with 30-1 minutes worth of enemy fire. etc. I recognize what you’re saying about DDs being an enjoyable style of play, having impunity of sailing around not being seen, once upon a time stealth firing, etc. However it’s time to get with the program and realize none of the ship lines should be an easier affair than the other. Each has a specific job and way to get it done, but none should cater to mouth breathers in general, not even the most popular type of ship because it’s easier. Radar keeps them honest, radar gives cruisers SOMETHING. It doesnt dictate the way a game goes like Notser said in the video, it gives an edge for a moment, like smoking up infront of a ship without radar; HOW DOES THAT FEEL? Id like to see you do shit better than compare to the days of yore.

    • BB class is fully mouth breather comparable and even rewards lots of xp for sitting on map edge and surviving on 100% health to the end game. I play tier 9 DDS and yes there are times where there are 3 plus radar ships a side, or 3 one side and none the other. Those 3 radar games are not a problem as I just quit out- not wasting my time on them, I play for fun.

    • Radar dictates how a 3 radar team Vs zero radar team goes- one team has dead DDS or unusable DDS and the other team has full spotting/ topping DDS. Notser is the first to admit that DDS are biggest impact on game outside of carriers. 3 Vs 0 radar is an auto win unless skill levels on the 2 sides are massively different.

  13. Wait. your team swung around south on this map instead of balling up at G7 and getting focused one by one? Is this even real life?

  14. I feel like the Indy is really lacking compared to all the other tier7 cruiser

  15. I feel like WG wants to make playing DDs miserable at even the mid tiers now. Radar that can see through solid objects like islands is a game exploit, not a feature.

    • Yeah, it is like radio location that doesn’t have your target determine the azimuth the signal is coming from. WG is not big on reality.

  16. 10:04 when the DD that tried to carrier snipe complains his team sucked XD

  17. Enemy DD goes off carrier hunting then blames the rest of the team for losing. Priceless!

  18. Helena and Boise both tier VII has Radar of course its historically acurate. In WWII Helena and the other US Ships won the battle of Cape Esperance with the help of Radar

  19. That was a waste of a good Destroyer for no benefit to the team.

  20. WG slowly turning the game into blatant P2W, just like they did in WoT.

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