World of Warships – Boise WiP – Disappointing

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ARA Nueve de Julio or currently the WiP Boise sacrifices a ton of stuff for a radar consumable. Totally not worth it and makes the ship a pretty big disappointment. Check out her WiP video 🙂


  1. I am not mad at this ship, I am just…


  2. Pan American Line?



    • We NEED Italian ships, they built a larger navy than the French and Pan-Asians, but we already have them. I think that since this is the last line of ships that we could get for cruisers and battleships, WG is saving it for later. After they implement the Italians basically, there will never be another cruiser or battleship line.

    • Max Saviano

      I heard rumors of a possible future Austro-Hungarian naval line.
      Wargaming is gonna do a lot of creative asspulling since I can take the battleship Tier up to 7 with battleship design V.
      Battleship V is like an Austro-Hungarian Nagato with 420 mm guns.

      BTW what did Italy have as Tier 10 battleship because I couldn’t find an Italian battleship design past 50,000 tons.

    • Peder Tjärnberg

      Max Saviano Or they start working on Swedish destroyers and 2 premium cruisers? There is so man bokats in The world AT The timme of WWII that they can, IF they want, keep releasing bokats for man years.

    • You can only get to t8 with them, but there were plans for larger ones.

  3. Oh no another radar ship ….. #ddlifesmatter !!!

  4. She is disappointing, but, as you said, she is work-in-progress. Also, just to be picky about the name pronunciation, since I live less than 25 miles from Boise, Idaho; it is pronounced “Boy-see”, not “Boy-zee”. Minor nitpicking, I agree, but thought I would bring that your attention.

    • Only 1 right way to say tomato ,its not Tomoto like others say it

    • lol jk I know I know
      be more open to other ways

    • I’m a Californian by birth, and I understand what you’re saying about “accent”, and “be more open to other ways”. When I first moved to Idaho in 1996, I pronounced it “Boy-zee” and was corrected many, many times. I worked for the State of Idaho, (17 years), and when the Governor corrected my pronunciation, I started saying, “Boy-see”.

      So, from my perspective, one pronunciation is correct; the other is not; nothing to do with “accent” or being “more open to other ways”. I have no problem being “more open to other ways”, but when did providing the correct pronunciation of a word, like a state capitol, become not being “more open to other ways”? Seems to me the person saying the state capitol name incorrectly would appreciate hearing/learning the correct pronunciation.

    • As a Idahoan i like to use the way someone pronounces Boise to tell if i am speaking to a Local or someone who is new to Boise or a non-local.

  5. You have to start a T7 premiumship with a new captain.
    Short range.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    I’m just happy she’s a premium so I don’t have to grind through her in the tree.

  6. Pan American line? I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear that.

  7. Hi. So a couple of things…

    1) As an argentine, let me tell you, you pronounced 9 de Julio perfectly

    2) When you passed by that Hood, it looked like it wanted to shoot you.

    3) As a latin-ameican, thanks for what you’re doing to help WeeGee make this ship better. We here would love that WeeGee fully commits to adding more ships from our countries, like the ARA Almirante Brown, Almirante Latorre, Almirante Grau (lots of admiral-named ships), Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Rivadavia, and a couple others (lots of destroyers and gunboats).

    • johan smifthelry

      Diego Salvati, Not true, and even if it were, it doesn’t change the fact that most of those ships were sister ships of already existing models. Not a single ARA ship was built from completely new and original blueprints. So my point still stands, the original sister ships should be incorporated into the game. A perfect example is in this video: the ARA 9 de Julio was bought off the US navy and was originally the USS Boise. It was decommissioned in 1946, and sold to Argentina in 1951. Or even the General Belgrano, that was sunk in the Falkland War, was bought off the US navy, originally being the USS Phoenix… decommissioned in 1946, and sold to the Argentine navy in 1951, who used in a war 30 years later…

    • johan smifthelry
      “Not a single ARA ship was built from completely new and original blueprints”
      “…like the ARA ALMIRANTE BROWN (…) Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, RIVADAVIA, and a couple others…”

      Dude, you keep proving my point.
      ARA Almirante Brown was designed specifically for Argentina, she wasn’t a sister ship of any existing class. The same applies for Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Rivadavia. And Almirante latorre was an enlarged version of the Iron Duke with bigger guns. Again, of all the ships I mention the only ship that wasn’t built specifically for a latin american navy, and wasn’t different to already-existing ships was the Almirante Grau.

    • johan smifthelry

      Ah, there is a misunderstanding. I was referring to the Arg navy as a whole, and didn’t understand that you were referring to these specific ships. Then sure, let WG incorporate these ships no problem. I would just personally prefer them to include the USS Boise as USS ship rather than a ARA one, and all of the ships who share the same origins. But as for these particular ships, well I don’t have any issue with them, other than that they didn’t see any real fighting, but then again, neither did half of the paper ships currently in the game. It’s one of the big reason why I dislike the fact that the pan Asian fleet was incorporated before more important fleets.

    • johan smifthelry dude the only ships Argentina Brasil and Chile had which where USA reserve ships where the Brooklin CL, the Gearing (Fram updated) and Fletcher DDs, the Balao (guppy or not) SS, and the Colossuss CV. All of them where no-brainer purchases since they where very capable ships for 1950, 60 and 70 standars and where sold at an insane wartime surplus price which responded more to USN size reduction needs than obsolete material.
      Before that time period and even after that time period, LA navys tends to have European Shipyard specific-designed ships. Ships designed to meet the specific needs of countrys with a lot of sea to protect in wild oceans like southern Atlantic and Pacific.
      Not knowing this only speaks about your lack of in-dept knoweldge in the subject

    • Juan jotabe doesnt justify the fact that the USS Boise will be an ARA ship and not a USS ship

  8. none of your business

    Or they could just announce the Brooklyn class as a US ship. You know, because it is.

  9. The real and Only USS Phoenix was a Brooklyn Cruiser so why is everyone surprised that Wargaming would Make shit up?

  10. What’s this? “Pan-American line”? Where’s the gorram Italian lines?! British and French destroyers? HOW ABOUT THAT REVAMPED CARRIER GAMEPLAY?

    Can someone please kick Wargaming devs in the shins?

    • I don’t play CVs at all because I’m not smart hue. But seriously, I’d personally kick them in the shin for the lack of love for CVs…

  11. Well, if it’s just Helena with radar then it’s suddenly OP. Tier 7 radar gets pretty annoying to balance around as the Indy and Belfast can show.

    IDK, maybe bring back the rof and give it a Perth-like spotter plane instead of radar? Range doesn’t get crazy with the reduction and ballistics, you get some spotting with the plane, and better precision firing over cover. I can sort of see some aircraft facilities on the back, but no catapult…

    Sort of also makes me wonder if it would ever be possible to have both spotter and fighter at the same time in different slots. That could be a cool gimmick for a ship. Even better if they can get ships with two catapults to use both as well.

    • I agree. Radar is a powerful consumable (particularly at T7), so the base ship shouldn’t be as powerful as the tech tree variant.

      I rather like the idea of a Pan-American tech tree – but I suspect it will be a year before we actually see tech tree ships.

  12. They could make the radar swappable with a catapult plane. You would get the choice between a brawler, close-in cap support cruiser or a long-range HE firestarter. I would like the choice between two playstyles without being OP in either.

  13. So big weakness to be suspected from MK8 british torpedoes then

  14. As cool as a Pan-American line of ships would be: WTH WG?
    Other than the Atlanta, Flint (reward ship though), and Indianapolis, there are no USN Premium CA/CL at tier 7. None.
    Where’s the San Francisco? Vincennes? Juneau? All of these ships have insane history and I would buy the hell out of them, even if they were carbon copies of their tech tree counterparts.

  15. How is it fair that Mogami gets 10 sec reload at t8, but a t7 with nearly the same caliber, gets the same reload and is considered underpowered? Mogami doesn’t even have that good a range compared to other t8 cruisers like Chapa which even gets radar

    • Cries in Indianapolis

    • 1) the boise has a retarded gun placement, more often than not you will fire with 12 guns unless you show all your broadside
      2) you have american gun arcs vs the flatter gun arcs of the Japanese ceuisers, try to hit with an american cruiser something at 12 kms that is not a bbs and that is manouverimg. The mogami is way more consistent
      3) mogami has 9k hp more
      4) mogami has torps, it means that a bb won’t yolo rush ypu, meanwile the americans lack what we calls ” stopping power”, or said in other words, the treat of torps
      5) mogami has way better concealment

    • Alejandro Ochagavía

      Mogami, being just one tier higher, has:
      -Higher DPM (18% higher)
      -Better shell arcs
      -Better concealment (9,3 vs 10,16)
      -2 km more range. The gap between 13,5 and 15,7 is huge btw, especially coupled with Mogami’s better concealment.
      -8 good torps per side, with longer range than its concealment, so she can stealth torp
      -Shorter rudder shift (5,7 vs 7,3)
      -Higher speed (34,5 kt vs 30 kt), and higher engine power/displacement ratio
      -More HP (6k)
      -T8 hull plating

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Mogami has
      – higher alpha damage
      – better fire chance IIRC
      – very good torps
      – reasonable stealth
      – is terribly agile (ok, steering gear mods)
      – 155mm / 6 gets rounded up to 25mm of penetration… 152 mm/ 6 gets rounded down to 24mm of penetration. that is before IFHE
      If you doubt how well a Mogami does : try looking for flamu playing it^^

  16. Personally i think that premiums should be at tad worse (stats wise) than their standard counterparts.
    you trade a slightly better ship for more commander training exp type ship, plus some extra credits so at the moment this sounds like not to bad of a ship from this point of view.

  17. Alejandro Ochagavía

    Why do people hate on having Pan American ships? Don’t South Americans deserve having their own ships in game or what? Anyway, good video iChase!

    • Because most people believe either all the countries of South American didn’t contribute to the war effort in WW2 or, because of Argentina, supported the Axis. Which isn’t true.

      For example, Brazil, from 1942, participated in anti-submarine warfare in the South and Central Atlantic and sent in July 1944 an Expeditionary Force of 25000 army and air force personnel to the Italian campaign. During the eight months of the Italian campaign, this Brazilian force managed to take 20573 prisoners, consisting of two generals, 892 officers and 19679 other ranks. During the War, Brazil lost 948 of its own men killed in action across all three services.

      It’s just most western history books focus on the main allies of the US, France, the UK, and the Soviet Union with the Axis being Germany, Japan, and Italy.

      Similarly, no history book I read in school ever mentioned the Greek Resistance movement or the fact that Italy’s invasion of Albania in 1940 was repelled by the Greek army. Neither is the fact that on the eve of the Italian invasion in 1940, the Greek navy consisted of 34 ships including the Vassilissa Olga, the most successful Allies destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea until it was sunk in 1943.

      History is indeed written by the victors, who sometimes forget their friends.

    • They didn’t contributed and suffered as much as the other waring allies and imo only took up arms because they were forced by USA to get ore involved. There are better navies with far more interresting backgrounds to develop in game…….. Like the Australia, New Sealand, Greece, Canadian, Dutch navies

  18. Graf Spee, is slower than Boise. Spee, 28 knots.

  19. DAT AFT

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