World of Warships – Boobies

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That title almost certainly grabbed your attention.

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  1. I saw the title and immediately started giggling like a child

  2. Today Jingles learned how to get me to click over in 2 seconds flat.

  3. I hope it isn’t just Jingles doing calculator tricks.

  4. Glad the matchmaker had a sense of humor. Every match should have a pair of Brests!

  5. “When expecting booby traps… always send the boob in first.” -Megatron

  6. Surely not the first time you could say that 2 ‘brests’ ruined a group of 12 men 😂

  7. AS soon as i saw that enemy line up i was like : hmmm…given close enough range i think he can citadel all of those BBs…

    And then they all charge out one by one full broadside…Man that was lovely.

    None of them got any citadels on him either.

  8. That Brest killing all 3 battleships by himself reminds me of an Optimus Prime quote from the Gen 1 Transformers show – “Amazing! A boobie trap that actually catches boobies!”

    • It still baffles me that Musashi is such an old premium ship yet that player managed to make a mistake that usually belongs to new players by giving full broadside to his enemy. I guess that’s the price he had to pay for not playing and knowing every ship line.

  9. *squints at ship title*
    *squints at video title*
    Yeah, Jingles is our man.

  10. Well that’s one way to ensure as many people as possible hear your announcement about taking time off 😂

  11. Brests are OP – they’re ridiculously good at making guys do something stupid. Just witness what happened in this match! (Wait…what did you *think* I was talking about?)

  12. Geoffrey Richardson

    Jingles like myself, your part of the Benny Hill generation, breast jokes are always appreciated.

  13. Imagine Jingles trying to buy chicken at the store 😂😂

  14. You know what, Jimmy did quite well to put his brest on display like that.

  15. Them: So why do you watch some old man commentating videogames
    Me: Because i appreciate his laid-back, mature style
    Jingles: Boobies xD

  16. Back during my time in the Navy, we were making a port visit in France. At the start of the pre-visit briefing, the Old Man asks “Anyone been here before?”
    I put my hand up.
    “Ah, ” he says, completely deadpan, “looks like Buckley is our Brest expert”.
    Cue 40 fully-grown men, from the poshest of officers to the most hairy-arsed stokers, toughened warriors all, giggling like schoolboys.
    Nope, it never gets old.

  17. Man, Jingles, you’re REALLY milking the boob jokes, huh?

    Also: Pair of Brests completely suffocate enemy team.

  18. Considering what the Azur Lane rendition of this ship–which was just added to the game as a research ship–looks like, Boobies is a fitting title.

  19. hi it is not funny as it a Town in France how would it be if people pick on town your in make fun joke on you

  20. One thing i really love about jingles is his laugh and how little it takes to make him laugh: today the french cruiser brest.. 🤣

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