World of Warships- Borodino First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impression review for the new T8 premium Soviet Battleship Borodino! Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:14 Ship intro
2:10 Armor and Stats
7:41 Gimmick Box
8:39 Commander and Module Build
11:43 Gameplay and Review
20:28 Borodino’s Performance
23:39 Summary
24:53 Buy or Don’t Buy
25:33 Closing Thoughts and Outro


  1. I think ill give this ship a pass. Saw you playing it Friday night.

  2. Played a match with two borodinos on the enemy team, they were both on the same flank and one of our dd’s got angry he kept being spotted. Then he fell into depression when I told him borodino has 12 km radar

  3. w9amCYYTKksreuaukczt0HJFq4GSh5FeSHYD2jdxLtyuKaCn4T

    Me: cries in the Gneisenau :'(

  4. I honestly had a pretty good exeperience with the Borodino so far, positioning is key as always and play like a battlecruiser. I also don’t recommend to get too close to a cap early game, leave that to the true radar cruisers that have better concealment. But if you got cover and are aware of your surroundings you can start to push up. Also, staying completely bow on, like a Jean Bart is not the way, you gotta angle and hope your enemy is not aware of your 25mm bow, that’s pretty much the only true weakness apart from relatively thin citadel protection. But It’s really fun to play, especially when you’re top tier of course 😉 I devestaded a poor Ismael yesterday with 4 cits^^

  5. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    God i can’t wait to see how the is released in WOWSB. Will its rear turrets be min battery or secondary? Will she get autosecondaries? Will she be as bad the tech tree? Only time will tell.

  6. These guns remind me oh Nelson guns. Very trolly… Still a fun ship and it does work

  7. It is literally a Stalingrad hull. I‘m honestly really interested in this ship, might actually pick it up myself when it hits live server in EU.

  8. This ship is the flattest battleship ever the super structure looks like a bunker

  9. Faced this thing for the first time in My Kii, constantly gave me 10k damage with his bow toward me 😂
    Is this somekind of a answer to the recent US tier 8 BC which also has radar, weak armor and 6 guns, i wonder.

  10. Bought it. After about 10 games I can say it’s not OP or bad. I think they did well balancing it. Play smart and you do well. Get reckless and you will be punished.

  11. Sardauker Legion

    For the same price of a Lenin, we get – 33 % firepower and worse armor.

  12. I really feel like this ship would be great if she had better accuracy or faster reload

  13. Saved me some money, thanks for the review

  14. This thing has battlecruiser dispersion and 2.0 sigma. And this should be compared to the Constellation. It is a battlecruiser in battleship slot. Just like you can’t play Elbin as a regular DD.

  15. I absolutely ruined one of these in Hindenburg yesterday night, just took some time and a lot of HE, but really she couldn’t do all to much

  16. “Go over its’ quirks and features” 😉 I see what you did there

  17. Faced one in the Johan De Witt today, while fighting for the center cap of Sleeping Giant, and citadeled it twice.

  18. Not balanz since it has no 360 20″ turrets and Soviet magic shells

  19. It is just me WG stop producing OP premium ships after they stop listening to community feedback.

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