World of warships – Bottom tier and focused is Tier 8 life

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  1. Dude, well played for the terrible MM u got

  2. kinda interesting since my most played tiers are 7 and 8 and it is also my most succesfull in terms of ‘raw’ stats, I got so used to the matchmaking like this I am not bothered anymore xD

  3. i know that feeling, there is a t10 cruiser to your left and a tier10 dd your right. and which ship is the prio target? always the bottom tier. because reasons.

    • well the reason usually is that a lower tier ship is easier to dmg and if flambas is in it well u might be on youtube nailing him XD ..not to mention the campaign at min that seemS to have ruined game play for a month, with people just focused on finishing a mission ignoring anything else.

  4. no idea why WG dont fix one cares if they occasionally bottom tier..but i find its the majority of game in t5-8 surly their must be enough players at them tiers to make matches. its not as if a bottom tier ship cant do well when mm is bad ,i have 67% win rate in my Arizona and seem to spend most games fighting Bismark ,NC or amigis but i start at a heavy disadvantage ..bigger gun more Armour and more health..i spawned one game in my Arizona was spotted for a second and then cited through the nose from across the map by a NC i didnt even see ….as for all ur focus well its not the ship its the clan tag and the player they are trying to kill ur a more obvious threat than higher tier potato driven t10s..its almost a compliment but a bloody nightmare for u XD ..they all want their fame on u tube blatting u out lol.

  5. Honestly, I find T8 BBs do very well in T10 matches. They have less health and slightly weaker guns, but they are *significantly* more agile and have better concealment, so they can be much sneakier. Plus they have the same bow armor as T10. I actually much prefer playing T8 battleships than T10 ones as i find them much more comfortable to handle. And it shows in my stats, lol.

    T8 DDs also do pretty well as they have access to the concealment module and often have better concealment than their T10 counterparts.

    The ones that REALLY get the shaft at T8 are cruisers and aircraft carriers. T8 cruisers don’t generally have a heal and are quite squishy, so unless they are REALLY careful, they can get oneshot by T10 BBs with ease and will generally lose health very rapidly the moment the enemy team focuses them. And T8 carriers have T8 planes flying in T10 AA. ’nuff said there.

    • I also think most Tier VIII bbs in aTier X match are fine, but especially in the Tirpitz it’s sometimes just impossible to do anything. I consider my self a pretty good Tirpitz-player (according to WoWs-numbers among the top 0,5%), but when I am getting focused by Conquerors and Yamatos from 20km away AND sometimes can’t even penetrate the flat broadside of a Montana at 8km it really isnt any fun…

    • My experience is actually completely different.
      Sure, the Tirpitz has Torpedos, but how often can they actually be used? Especially in Tier X matches I used them like three times in total so far…
      And whem it comes to the guns, at least I feel heavily outclassed, when I get into Tier X with the Tirpitz. In my Amagi however I have no difficultys damaging and killing Tier X ships.

  6. … and when I shoot with Tirpitz, my shells go all over the places…

  7. CQC Yamato with Amagi today, its a win

  8. MM isn’t bad. I actually like playing in tier 10 battles with my tier 8s. You get more credits and XP.

  9. How to win tier x games.
    1:play tier 8.
    2:be Flambass.

  10. I depend on the arrogance of tier X players, and they’ve not let me down yet! I turned into an IJN DD specialists because it was my ticket to organized competitive play (very pissed the KOS is tier X by the by. A year plus spent competing and now I can’t take part.) And I must admit I do get a vicious thrill at watching them discount a low tier DD. I tend to run no smoke, RPF and maximum sneak on my IJN DD’s. Always let my team know.. can tell rigth away the ones that pay attention, and the team mates you may need to ignore or wish they were a bot. Do not understand the attitude. its so very foolish on so many levels.
    Rock on. TL_Warlord_Roff, NA server

  11. and you still don’t know how to hide behind a rock. You must stop of course, if you don’t want to be shot at. Unbelievable.

  12. Can you play monarch? I got this ship and feels terrible. Royal navy t7 was bad already and t8 feels like worse.Even queen elizabeth was better. Am i doing something wrong?

  13. Man, you play like a god…
    what is the music 9:00?

  14. Probably got focused because you’re a juicy T8 German Battleship. Easy damage for days for those T10s.

  15. Celebrity Life … They yolo suicide but boast for rest of their WoWS life that they sunk Flambass… 😀

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