World of Warships – Bottom tier CAN carry

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A lot of times ppl will complain (myself included ofc) that they are bottom tier and that they’re therefore useless. Well today I demonstrate that you can not only be useful but you can carry as well 😉
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hahaha… dmg engine no hp lost

  2. To be fair you are top tier among DDs in this match :3

  3. People too often do not understand that they may be low tier. But they are not low tier alone. They only have to outperform their low tier enemy counterpart to have a net positive effect on the team…

    • +Just a random Horse. Tier 8 is very rough I am not saying otherwise. I’d say all cruisers should get a heal just like battleships. Atago has one and yet people don’t see it as overpowered ( anymore… due to powercreep mostly ) and that Prinz Potato surely isn’t overpowered is it?

      I’d say that’s more a balance issue as a MM issue, though you could argue even so the easiest answer might be in adjusting the MM since balancing would be easier when not having to account to +-2MM spread….

    • +Just a random Horse. As I said otherwhere, I don’t see it as a MM issue as much as a balancing issue ( the ‘really bad ships’ you mention clearly aren’t a MM issue the proof of that is in your own wording ).

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Marvin Westmaas but you could fix that by simply not having them face each other. Otherwise what? You’ll nerf the crap out of tier 10s? Or you’ll buffing the crap out of t8s? How can t6 can deal with them then. If wg decided to rebalance the entire tech tree including premiums (let’s be honest they won’t ever rebalance premiums) it would be much easier if it was +1 -1 … It’d make it fairer for people I constantly farm with my awesome +2 ships, and make it less boring to me because there’s no challenge.

    • +Just a random Horse. Yea I’d be playing alot more if it was 1/1 MM, not because low tier ships are not capable of helping, but it’s not FUN. That’s what a game should be about and I would gladly wait a min or few more to get 1/1 MM anyday. If it can’t find a 1/1 match then sure roll to 2/2 after a minute or so, I’d love it and I’d play the game alot more.
      I’ve actually stopped at T8 and have been doing ships up to T7 at this point as T8 MM and the T9/10 Meta is utterly boring with HE Spam, camping with islands or smoke and BB sniping. Not until late game can I sometimes get in and brawl when I’m doing low tiered T8 battles, especially in my favorite BB’s, which are German. Bismark and Tirpitz, recently got it in the Daily Login Black Friday Box. Gneisenau is now my most played ship and I utterly love fighting in it, though it does suck going against T9’s in her.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Matthew Robinson 😉 played the gneisenau a lot myself, even though my stats would tell you it’s pretty bad compared to say the Lyon. Yet it is just fun. I think they tried the 1 minute thing for tier 8, but I’ve seen no difference between instantly getting into a match, waiting 5-10 sec or over a minute. It’s rare that you even do wait that long.

  4. Misleading title, should read, Flambass Can Carry…us schmucks, not so much

  5. Edit: u can Carrie in a bottom tier boat…, in a Destroyer. Have fun in a bb or a cruiser on bottom tier xD

    • watch flambass mid rush in a bottom tier leander:

    • I feel DDs are the easiest, Cruisers are manageable and BBs can be terrible. A New Mexico versus N Cal is brutal

    • +jvhoef yeah, to give Caesar Caesar’s due cruisers can do ok, esp when supporting and/or being supported. For instance I’ve heard of Kuma’s following behind dds to give an edge when an enemy dd is encountered. Meanwhile a Cleveland can always sit behind islands and farm tears. And ships like Myoko or Chappy can manoeuver around, dealing death from afar no matter the tier.

  6. Flambass, thank you for serving a glorious can of WupA$$ on a plate for us to witness! You (almost) never let us, your audience, down (on YouTube). LOL

  7. Only if it’s in a DD or the enemy team are total potato plus the carrying player is extremely good. For most mere mortals there is next to no chance, plus 2 MM is pretty shit moost of the time but WG seem rather attached to it as it forces you to grind up the tiers faster and we all know that someone rushing up the tiers is really good for the game…

  8. No armored deck for the Lex, Midway is the first US carrier to get the armored deck. Everything else is wood to save weight and increase endurance. Really wish they put the Yorktown class in a tier, maybe bump some of the other carriers down a tier since it’s the class right before Essex was built.

    • Yea, I think it was just a case of people not playing carriers themselves and being unfamiliar with their specs as a result. I rmbr last video Flambass made he talked about how people get to high tiers w/o learning cruical areas of gameplay, and here he is forgetting that the only US carrier with armored deck in the game is the Midway.

  9. This is not how it usually goes down. In my world, an enemy would have rushed in and spotted you. And a radar cruiser would have spotted you. And the better part of the enemy team would have been there to obliterate you in seconds of spotting. Dunno how this guy can be this fortunate. Guess it must be some obscure relation to the dark side.

  10. so where is the carry?, different vid perhaps

  11. Meanwhile in my world… CV hovers planes overhead to perma spot me, blapped out of existence by four cruisers unless I run and hide away from the point. Better to be bottom tier in a DD though, bottom tier BB is hell

  12. So you can use a level 19 captain to farm low level ships with low level captains and ????? and a multiboxing carrier playing on your team lol

  13. I guess we have different definitions of “”carry””. You played fantastic. I wish I could play Farragut as well as you do in this video. Lots of great techniques displayed here. But I think the team you were on might have won if you were AFK. All your kills were low HP kill secures and/or killing of potato bums. The Bismarck & Tirpitz were both awful players. The Mogami both made mistakes and was already HP crippled. The Chappy had what? 2K HP? The carrier was pure cleanup; the battle was well past over.
    So… my world this is a great example of super unicum Farragut play. An incredible lesson. A truly excellent job by you. But not even in the ballpark of what I refer to as a “”carry””.

  14. GG.
    I try to make myself useful and sometimes succeed. Other times, not so much. I’ll never be as good as I’d like and that’s ok. But on my WoWs accts. I look at flags, signals and camo to determine player levels. Certain flags and camo can tell how long a players been around. And if they’re flying a chit load of signals that says something about them also.
    I’m currently fighting to just maintain a 50% w/l getting knocked down there in a matter of days due to the Seal Clubbing and shit for brains teams on the EU. And to be honest some players could be starting a new ship line and can’t help having all the goodies to pimp out their rides.
    At tier 4 mainly, I have one T5 DD and the IJN T3 BB.
    Just like on the NA teams and I had hoped for a better level of team play in the OLD WORLD. Oh well. I should of known better from watching you live streamers and videos.
    I’m working on a shoestring budget,so am not spending a lot of cash on anyone acct. So my signals on EU are almost gone, I’m thinking I have one 4-5 point capt. In so many words, I have experience from my NA play but not got the equipment to back it up. Fire signals are almost the single most important one I can think of for all ship types for example and I’m out on my EU.

  15. Clearly +2 match making isnt hard enough for certain players. Perhaps the game would be more equal if certain special people, such as Flambass, would get +3 matchmaking. That way we would maybe finally stand a chance on winning. (Outside of match fixing with friendly dd’s)…

  16. “He tried harder! Little guys try harder.”

  17. The two verbs most commonly used verbs for “carry” in Japanese are “運ぶ” (hakobu) and “持つ” (motsu) (which also means “to hold). “運” is written with the primitives of “way/road” and “army”. “持” – “finger”, “temple”. Flambass is showing us the way of the one-man-army, sharing his temple of knowledge, kicking ass with his fingertips.

  18. The guy commenting about the CV is right. F’em. 9 out of 10 play their own game, different from ours, and they never team play. The CV that uses his planes to spot wins it for his team.

    Just say no to CV play.

  19. Damn … I don’t have a usable pc anymore, just after maybe a year I played a battle again and it was shit, because of the graphics card^^
    All requirements at minimum and I had maybe 3 fps, haha! But hey, 2 torpedoes went into it goal and a kill after I sank ..
    Goddamn, I have no money left over for new hardware^^

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