World of Warships – Bourgogne Impression

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Initial testing for the Bourgogne, a Tier 10 Alsace with Main Battery Reload Module. The ship is powerful and I give my thoughts on the ship before release. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Bourgogne Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. All I wanna know is: Coal, steel or fxp :v

  2. main battery reload should just not have been introduced. It’s just obviously op and hard to balance, and it contradicts the previous French gimick. The only way I can see it being balanced would be if you only get one bonus shot and only 3 charges at max and like a 3 minute cool down. Or maybe instead of making it a 10 second reload make it a 20 or 15 second reload.

  3. Two words I never thought could be said together… Tier 10 and premium

  4. What WG could do to “balance” this, they could nerf the turrets angles so you have to give a lot of broadside to use all guns, another idea, is doing what they did to Jean Bart and give it 5km secondaries.

    • Jean Bart has now 7km . They buffed it reducing the sigma. And I think they will reducie it here too from 1.8 to 1.7 and that will be the solution

    • I would rather they nerf the reload module… like only have 2 of them (3 premium). Keep the sigma good with good secondaries. Problem solved. Make the cool down 4 minutes. The problem is you have 5 of them, so you can just use it… and use it… and use it… By having only 2 (3 with premium) and a long cool down, it becomes situational rather than constant use.

    • Chris Dietz  How about they just get rid of the reload consumable altogether? It’s stupid and gimmicky, and WG can’t balance it.

    • That is most retarded thing they could do, this game need skill ship like this one, this ship i glass canon have 20k less hp than Republique, less healing, have 4sec worse reload and 380vs430mm guns – we don’t need more brainless HE ships like Conqueror, Wocester, Haragumo,, we need where skill and situational awerenes will reward you and nerfing Sigma is just making this ship more brainless — they could nerf fire chance if something need to be nerfed and thats it but than give her more HP or faster heal reload

    • Reload consumable is here to stay when this is using consumable it promotes staying broadside like in henry in some cases it can be a poor decision

  5. Well, you yourself say in the video how it is balanced: 7 shells failed to pen. It is still 380 mm guns in tier 10 games, where every other BB has at least 406. And you have 20-30k HP less than the rest of tier 10 Battleships.

    • 12 380mm shells that is coming out of those barrels every 22 seconds? 11 seconds when MBRB is active? I’d say it deserves the small caliber and small hp pool.

      Yes, the small caliber makes it harder to pen BBs at long range, which is fantastic! Encourage brawling! 😀

    • +SecretIdentity Agreed, that is why it is balanced.

  6. Borgagna ? ? ? damn , every time a new french ship is tested, his name and the french language suffer so much lol. not only from you though 😉

  7. How’s is your mom doing? Wish her the Best of Health.

  8. I can’t even speak french and I cringed when you massacred that name xD

  9. Honestly doesnt seem any better than Montana, over all. Think about it. Both have 12 guns, both are fast, decent AA. But Bourgogne cant overmatch 27mm armor, which is basically most cruisers at tier 9-10. Bourgogne also has 32mm armor stapled all over it so its food for things like IFHE DDs. Sure it has a reload booster, but thats pretty much necessary when it has the smallest guns at the tier for a BB. It also doesnt have the HP to tank for too long. Idk, i dont think this is bad. Not more than Stalingrad, anyway.

    • Just a random Horse. I meant with Alsace and Bon Jovi

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Battleship 60 example : was doing 100k and getting witherer awards with Normandie and Lyon because of the powerful he and permanent fires. + AP on broadsides was amazing. Alsace seems no different to that play style , except it has 10 second reload instead of 30.

    • Just a random Horse. Wait what? 10 second reload? Also I played the French BBs without even firing HE until I finished the line so honestly, I have little experience with the HE but I would prefer AP over their HE all day

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Battleship 60 I meant the reload booster bursts, even without that’s like 20 sec on 12 guns. (Unless I was blind watching the video) – and that’s one of the issues with players : they don’t realize the power of good shell synergy on battleships, because they see it as he spam which is bad and horrible and shouldn’t be done. The ammo is there to be used, you use it smartly. AP on French battleships was bad at med-max range most of the time, I mostly fired HE at 14-15km + because it was most effective. Switched to AP for cruisers giving broadsides, but the AP purpose was catching someone giving broadside while using the HE to set people on fire and get 5-10k raw damage on undamaged parts of a ship.

    • Just a random Horse. I won’t argue with the synergy of the ammunition but I am saying I never thought the HE was good, sure it’ll be different with Bon Jovi. At this point I just wanted to argue that the French BBs aren’t challenging because they are

  10. Aaaand…. WoWs is getting in the WoT line, pay for a great advantage in the game, and throw away the balance out of the window, classic WG thinking.

    • Except that it took a number of years for it to happen in WoT.

    • You can’t buy the ship with real money. It’ll be Coal, Steel or maybe (unlikely) Free XP.

    • Wows is managed by a separate company that is owned by WG, and you can see the difference with a lot of the customer feedback stuff.
      World of warships has no pay-to-play ships above T8. Every T9 and T10 prem can be received without spending a cent.

    • They may be different companies developing the code but the overall company will be giving directions that each company takes.

  11. Idk if i agree everyone keeps comparing it alsace but alsace is a t9, its a t10 and 12 guns at t10 is actually common. Thats like compairing Montana to Iowa and calling OP. Its got the smallest cal. which means less over pen so more shells stick into broadside cruisers making it “seem” to strong. MBR only barley gives 2 extra salvos if that. i think this just “looks” stong but you know what so does my yammy when im lolpening bow in target’s citadels

  12. There are possible ways to balance it. By tweaking the way the consumable itself works:

    Let’s say – increased rate of fire at the cost of accuracy and/or range. – that would turn it into a very good panic button but would eliminate the ability to pushish stuff at too longer ranges.

    Or perhaps a debuff AFTER using it – slower reload after, lasting, let’s say, half a cooldown – to represent that the crew is winded after this kind of stuff – this would keep general utility and feeling of overwhelming firepower but would also force a more tactical use, since the ship would be far more vulnerable between uses. It would also give a counter to the ability itself – wait it out and rush.

  13. Power…stomp?? (creep sure as f…k does NOT cover it)
    …as Flambass said of the Yamato facing him in his Borgagna…”your obsolete!!” – never a truer word spoken!

    We seem to be heading in the exact same direction as WOT…change for increased profits sake, and sod the game!

  14. How to balance? Don’t sail broadside in front of this thing.

    This caliber won’t overmatch counterpart BBs. The majority of your damage in this video came from firing at ships that had terrible situational awareness. The ship does not look OP.

    Sail broadside = get punished. Angle properly and stay alive and healthy.

    • LoL Come oon..
      So every other T10 BB can shot HE ^^ and they have all equal or greater fire chance…

    • Yeah, but look at those rate of fire, even better than Zao in small window of time so you could see how it work : Spam HE till the other BB use DCP and then turn on the Reload BOOSTO and spam HE the shit out of it. Burn everthing.

    • BBs in general have a better chance to set fires…and Zao is by no means the King of fire ^^
      It’s the Henri 4.
      There are really no valid points here…only flame of people who don’t like BBs

    • Do’nt think this will be good in competitive. Yam AP overmatches trump this ship’s shell output, and Conq has a lot going for it that trumps this ship. This ship relies on HE spam against decent players who know how to angle and the Conq just does that better…

    • 141k for a T10 BB in the hands of superunicum player is actually a bit underwhelming I think. My potato ass has had similar games in Montana, Yamato, and Conc so yea, had he ripped off 400k and had 7 kills in multiple battles well then perhaps we could talk about OP. Belfast at T7 …that was a scary ship when it came out.

  15. Boor-goyne, not whatever that abomination you said. 😛 what next, A-A-Ron? Bo-ur-gog-knee?

  16. This game need skill ship like this one, this ship i glass canon have 20k less hp than Republique, less healing, have 4sec worse reload and 380vs430mm guns – we don’t need more brainless HE ships like Conqueror, Wocester, Haragumo,, we need where skill and situational awerenes will reward you and nerfing Sigma is just making this ship more brainless — they could nerf fire chance if something need to be nerfed and thats it but than give her more HP or faster heal reload

  17. Just remember ladies and gentlemen… The Alsace took those brutal nerfs just so they could release this thing. Not gonna lie, this is signs that world of warships is going downhill and fast in more ways than one.

  18. Agree that the ship is powerful…
    But what I don’t know why so many people/tester are missing:
    – HP Pool that is terrible by a large margin to other BBs…
    – Same French Armor as the main line so any HE Spam will eat you alive..combine with weakness 1) and then you will see how fast you melt
    – 380mm guns which is ignored by a lot of testers but has actually huge impact on the game: you cannot easily just do chip dmg here and there…only on broadside targets (talking AP) which all the other T10 BBs are actually capable of

    So I get that this ship will be powerful in randoms…where a lot of potatoes are…broadsiding for days…
    But this looks a lot different for competitive, where such mistakes are not made very often.
    I very much like competitive and I would be disappointed if they nerfed that ship before even looking at competitive gameplay.

  19. good to have you back mate. As many before me said, i’m sure we all wish your mom best of health and your family strenght. But never forget that you dont just do vids on a game, you give us quality time, time while we can forget our problems for a bit. i hope you will have a wonderfull day 🙂 cheers from Turkey

  20. stats are not final, stats are not final, stats are not final….

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