World of Warships – Brains over Brawn – Gneisenau

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Sometimes the simple things like actually taking a cap are what win a game.

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  1. The skycancer got some insane bomber rng. That was so close! Also Kutuzow is just such an OP plane.

  2. Nothing triggers me more in a match than someone not capping!!!

  3. Thanks for playing my replay Qckslvrslash, glad you enjoyed it chief.

    Chief Member of DONGS

  4. Good game and commentary. Are you slapping your desk or mouse during the commentary?

  5. Warren Neasmith

    I have an 18 point capt on the Gneisenau; which I share with the Scharnhorst, however as a result it does not have manual AA, which is a shame as at the moment on the EU server there are a lot of CV’s and could really benefit from this Capt skills. I have a manual secondaries build (which I love). Cannot have it all I guess!

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