World of Warships- Brandenburg Is Coming Soon & German Battlecruiser Stats

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at a couple of new ships and the stats for the new German Battlecruisers, enjoy!


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  1. From the pictures, the lower tier seems to have a large ice breaker? Why does the tier 8 tower look like it’s been stolen from Star Wars? I won’t be getting any of these ships, sorry WG.

    • In the 1910s “all or nothing” armor schemes were not yet a thing, ships had tapering extended belt armor plates which were thickest at the amidships citadel belt, and a bit thinner towards the bow and stern

      The pyramid superstructure seems to be a speculative modernization such as on the Graf Spee in the 1930s. Take a look at how Deutschland class cruisers looked originally, they were quite sleek before those pyramid towers

    • we have found the new ugliest ship in the game that t8

    • Those are called strake line, extended belt armor have horizontal lines.

  2. These new German ships makes me want to sail into a British port and sink myself.

  3. I feel like if the new line was more like Incomparable (with not such absurdly large caliber) which has ya know, low concealment, torps, and short range guns, then they might be good and fun to play. The way they are right now is honestly a complete joke.

  4. Wilhelm T. Müller

    I think giving them Gneisenau torps is better than Elbing torps tho… But still the nose armor is just awfully bad

  5. So you essentially trade survivability and firepower for torpedos on the new German line…. No thank you..

  6. So far, Brandenburg seems more of a Port queen than a working ship to me, but we will see the final result.

  7. The prolbem with the tier 6 and 7 BC’s is that there’s no hypothetical modernised version (well there is for the tier 6, its the PEF) and so they have SUPER weak AA and are gonna be hella vulnerable to aircraft. The 5, 4 and 3 also have the same issue.

  8. I did enjoy watching your GK game and reminiscing about when secondaries were a thing.

  9. KaiZerMier Krazy

    At least some of these ships actually existed, so yay for that

  10. WG never changes the core parameters of ships due to testing. They will tweak numbers and percentages but once the ship’s design is released it is never changed.

    Look at HMS Tiger for example – the biggest problem of the ship was having only 2x Mino turrets. WG would not change ANYTHING about these turrets to help balance it – the AP shell parameters, the lack of HE, the reload time, etc. Any of these could have been tweaked and on its own would have fixed the ship. Instead they made the turrets 360, the concealment low, the radar a bit longer, etc. and it is still absolute garbage.

    So there is no way in hell that the gun calibre, armour thickness, or torpedo design is going to be changed on these ships. WG is recycling old parameters and designs as it’s way easier to code and develop new ships by using old armaments, so if they create a new type of torpedo, or a new armour thickness, or a new gun calibre, it adds a bit of time and money to the project that they don’t care enough to spend.

  11. christopher shrank

    Players: Power Creep is real and we don’t like it.
    WG: Let’s release a new line of German ships!

  12. Are we really surprised that WG ruins everything they try to give us?

  13. Supercruiser hit points, cruiser armor, BB sigma/dispersion, low tier secondaries and BB slot. This line is dead on arrival.

  14. WG bringing “new” german ships that don’t add anything to the game, just the slowest and useless torps in the game, mediocre AA as usual with all the researchable ships, mediocre guns, and mediocre secs, and one of the lowest HP pool in their tiers. And WG claiming that they are “brawlers”.

  15. what did you expect from WW1 battlecruiser desings on german line? i mostly understand those armaments a little bit because they WERE designed from
    WW 1 era! lets just hope that those stats gets better under testings.

  16. Incomparable talking to new German BCs: “Know your place trash!”

  17. The Brandenburg looks just like a derated pommern. Same guns and torp layout with lower hp. Wg farming cash from muggled

  18. Remember that subs have no armour, so the 105mm secondaries will shred them at least. This might be wargamings attempt at anti-sub battleships.

  19. At low tiers these things are going to be awesome…. you know, the ones that actually existed.

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