World of Warships – Brawlface McNasty

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When life hands you lemons you citadel the shit out of it.


  1. Excellent brawl, and its a shame that most Battleship “Drivers” seem to
    think the edge of the map is where they should be.

  2. I love it when im in a battleship and the secondary guns are just going
    nuts. Those are the best to watch. I need to hop back in my NC now, been
    playing in my Montana and Iowa a lot.

  3. Sergio Seminario

    brawling can be fun! especially on a Des Moines vs anything else lol

  4. Nice work.
    I recently installed the player panel with mini XVM…..and holy
    shit…it’s tomato soup out there. Most teams are 90% players with mid 40’s
    W/R….so yea, loving that. I gotta have a drink before I sit down to play!

  5. 15:20 wow, that ally battleship at F8 makes me grind my teeth so hard!
    Clenched fists and everything. And wouldn’t you know it.. he’s going behind
    the island! To be safe! And deny himself any possibility to shoot the enemy
    as well!
    Davey212, if you’re watching this, you suck buddy!

  6. Get into brawl in this game is the way how to have fun! (most of the time)

  7. Damn and I thought it was fun when I ended up in CQC with two Amagi’s in my
    NC. That had to have gotten the blood racing. On another note, the New
    Mexico is such a great ship, and people tend to underestimate it when they
    have a higher tier. One Amagi found out the hard way, thinking he was fine
    coming around an island broadside on at 3km to attack me, while I was
    patiently waiting. A 7 citadel salvo showed him the error of his ways.

  8. tip of the spear …. 🙂 gg

  9. I played on this map yesterday. And you are correct, no one moves forward
    to cap. And if you try to push, you will see others are running away. Kinda
    frustrating. Almost all my losses come from Domination Mode. For higher
    tier battleships, I stopped switching to HE for destroyers. Recently
    getting a lot of devastating strikes against DDs using AP. And last, the NC
    game, that’s one of the best brawling I’ve ever seen. Good job there man!

  10. Christopher Doll

    I’m glad you’re pointing out terrible team tactics, like not paying
    attention to the importance of capping effectively. I can’t tell if people
    are just lazy or don’t care, or don’t understand the mechanics of the game
    but it seems to be a pretty simple concept. Lost a lot of games due to the
    same myopia exhibited by your team in that first match.

    Calling them bad names doesn’t seem to work. I fear I’m going to need to
    start mocking offending teams in a more merciless fashion.

  11. awesome battles man keep it up!

  12. That’s a very nice brawl you have there!

    I would say that the North Carolina is probably the best BB at it’s tier to
    actually tank damage in as long as you angle. Warspite can repair more
    relative to it’s damage, as can Yamato, but NC has such a strong front

    I have a really great game from 0.5.5 where my division pushed B crazily.
    Had a DD smoke me up so I could stand in bravo and just try to tank to stop
    and recap, at one time I survived just with a bare 279hp. Within a ~3
    minute span, the points shifted about 5 or 6 times between win/loose.

    That was in a Stock North Carolina with 53700hp… and I took 73600 direct
    damage, without counting fires. If I ever deserved my dreadnaught, it was
    in this game.

    Clip starts with me on fire that is just burning out…

  13. Me in a BB:”Guys I’m gonna push up give me cover, I’ll tank”
    “Affirmative” A few cruiser starts following
    Gets into battle with a few ships, notice I’m not getting support, look
    back and all my teammates turn tail and ran. Happens to me all the bloody

  14. yup agree with you…..some games no matter how hard you carry or no matter
    how hard you scream some people are just stupid. great game at the end
    there with the nc!

  15. Meanwhile, at T10, you have Yamato’s sitting max range while watching
    teammates die because the best armor in game and 97k hp is just not enough.
    Then when everyone else is dead they wanna complain how they had “noob
    team”. Great video as always, man this weekend was hell on server..

  16. this was exciting first time around (i was holding my breath!) Still great
    second time around!!

  17. I haven’t played in a bit (wonderful game, but man can it get under your
    skin sometimes!), but I heard the North Cal got a significant buff this
    last patch. Is that your overall experience also?

  18. Davey212 in North Carolina. What the hell was he doing at F9 for so long?
    Did he fire over the island there or what?
    He should have followed you into the battle… Both of you pointing bow to
    enemy would have been so good!

  19. Okay…can someone please tell me how the fuck torpedo bombers can come
    down over a mountain which is over 700 metres tall and drop their torpedo’s
    less than 200 metres from my ship whilst being at an altitude of over 500
    metres…. This game is so fucking visually misleading. It literally looked
    like they came over the mountain, dipped a tiny bit, then a whole load of
    torps appeared less than half my battleships length away from my starboard

  20. LOL your description – “When life hands you lemons, you citadel the shit
    out of it.” I kind of want that on a t-shirt.

  21. Esteban Tormo Kastner

    Youre Videos are so great

  22. I don’t understand this game. My win rate goes up, but my damage is just
    going down, and staying down, before going down again. I have not passed
    the 60k damage number in my last 100 games, even in tier 8 BBs. I don’t
    ever get citadel hits, or detonations and i KNOW i am shooting the right
    places and leading correctly. I have played 15 games today with a 80ish%
    winrate, and not a one above 50k damage. Mainly in the Benson and north
    cal. Ill keep watching you biz, but this game has beaten me. 200 hours of
    my life is enough.

  23. This is why I love you business, your not afraid to do some crazy shit. I
    just re-bought NM myself, oh man is she ever fun.

  24. so sometimes i’m not sure why you split your turrets on some targets. it
    didnt really make sense to me why you split it on the konig and fuso as it
    seemed like it would make more sense to just dump all on fuso? can you
    explain the point of doing that?

  25. Man that brawl 🙂
    On the first map in video(can’t remember the name, I also love it because
    you can start in the freaking port) I recently fought a division of 3
    failColorados vs me in Colorado and other guy in it too, they went all the
    way to A10 and started to go down along 10, only to constantly show me
    their broadsides that before the game ended 2 of them were dead and last
    was on tiny sliver of HP, our team insisted on capping even if we had the
    game anyway, cap was safe and we had the points.

  26. Nice Video Biz. But this Last Match Do!
    Guys I saw it Live on Twitch and it was so fuckn Awesome!
    i remember this was the Last Match and man it was epic!!!!!! Really Gucci

  27. Haven’t even watched it yet or read a comment, I’m preemptively hoping I
    know what this is going to be, haha.

  28. Hey business,

    Is it wort a try to send in my colorado game with 110k dmg and kraken?

  29. nice brawl man..

  30. nice video man. what happened to the DD who run from the torpedo then came
    back and take a the torpedo again he remained me by my self sometimes when
    I over turn my DD lol

  31. What’s your opinion about Tier 10 repair and resupply costs?

  32. mexico has really strong bulges against torpedos. hits right in the middle
    do prettly low damage compare to other bbs

  33. I love battleships, and I play agressive in them so I usually have two
    types of games. One where my team supports and pushes with me and win or
    loose usually have a good game. Or two where everybody and their brother
    can only go halfway down the map before turning back and holding up mid

  34. I’m confused, do you think cross dropping is good for cvs?

  35. well thx alot for all your good videos bro

  36. i love that brawl,very good video.

  37. That last match with the NC was awesome..

    Ahh the joy of team play.. Had 3 games in a row earlier today where the
    team either didn’t go for objectives or wouldn’t defend bases.
    I will take some blame for not seeing the ticker or noticing the signs
    things are going pear shaped while I’m occupied shooting, dodging, angling
    etc in a slow ass New Mexico. I guess I got a long way to go

  38. I read that little and was like, o Wat?

  39. Having such a day today :D

  40. I needed that

  41. trumpW_Im_Clean


  42. beautiful

  43. Marty H (Vellarain)

    NoCal is so pretty, booty so thick!

  44. Risheen Mukherjee

    Did they nerf the new mexico and colorado with 0.5.6? I’ve been having all
    kinds of problems getting citadels with the new mexico, and the colorado
    guns have returned with their crap dispersion, and simple broadside
    one-shot-kills are becoming a struggle. Plus… everything penetrates these
    ships from the front these days – even pensacolas. With that new dispersion
    in mind, should I get the range mod in the colorado to extend it to 19.4km?
    Kinda feels unnecessary, since Wargaming isnt going to fix that anytime
    soon, probably.

  45. I face palmed so hard to the destroyer fail that is went through my face…

  46. I know what you mean about teams, I got sick of playing tier X with all the
    players just sitting back, its so boring I just stick with tier 8 and below

  47. Cornichon Privé

    Odd thumbnail.

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